Emily Monsen Unveils Emotionally Charged Single “It Was You”

San Antonio, TX – Rising singer-songwriter Emily Monsen has revealed her latest single, “It Was You.” Compellingly honest, the track offers a heartfelt and poignant commentary on how heartbreak can spark meaningful self-reflection. Set against a backdrop of haunting melodies and evocative lyrics, Monsen delves into the aftermath of a painful breakup, grappling with her emotions and finding the strength to move on.

“It Was You” captures the authentic feel of Monsen’s journey through self-discovery using heartfelt and impactful storytelling. From the opening lines, where she admits to drowning her sorrows in alcohol, to the realization that her former partner was not worth the agony she endured, Monsen’s vulnerability shines through each verse. Confronting doubts and insecurities, she questions her own responsibility for the failed relationship before ultimately discovering that it was the other person’s actions that led to its demise.

With introspective songwriting and Monsen’s captivating vocals, “It Was You” exposes the fragility and strength of the human heart. The lyrics touch upon sacrifices made and the desperate hope for reconciliation, only to realize that moving forward is the best path to healing. Monsen’s powerful performance resonates with listeners, reminding them of the complexities of love and the importance of self-worth.

The new single follows her remarkably transparent single, “how we used to be.” Told from the perspective of present-day Monsen, now 24, as she reflects on a relationship that came to a jarring and sudden end when she was 18, the track simultaneously captures the pain of the moment as it occurs and the wisdom she gained by experiencing and reflecting on the experience. “how we used to be” zooms in on Monsen’s decision to remember the relationship how it was at its very best, rather than lingering in the goodbyes and closure she never received. Harnessing a fearlessly contemplative songwriting style and Monsen’s sultry, countrypolitan vocals, the debut single encapsulates her experience’s vulnerability as it surges through time and space – becoming a dynamic conversation between her past and present selves. Through “how we used to be,” Monsen finally reaches a point of negotiating her hurt with the knowledge that she has survived it.

On both tracks, Emily Monsen’s artistry thrives on her ability to convey genuine emotions through her music. Each song is a mindful testament capturing heartfelt moments. As an aspiring country artist, Monsen dreams of gracing the grandest stages in the genre, sharing her captivating songs with audiences worldwide.

Stream or download “It Was You” on all major digital platforms, and visit her Instagram at @emilymonsen for show updates, admire her sparkling outfits, and perhaps request adorable photos of her cat.