Emily Monsen Unveils Poignate Single “Throw Away The Man”

San Antonio, TX – Renowned for her compelling musical narratives that mirror her personal growth, singer-songwriter Emily Monsen is on track to release her latest single, “Throw Away The Man.” The poignant track offers a candid perspective from the now 24-year-old artist, recounting a relationship with a significantly older partner while candidly addressing red flags and her inclination to fix others. Through introspection and resilience, Monsen discovers her self-reliance, rendering the track a relatable anthem of empowerment. The single is now available to stream globally.

“Throw Away The Man” resonates as a universal tale of breaking free from a toxic relationship, a declaration that prioritizes self-worth and personal evolution. Monsen made it clear that “When faced with the choice of wasting good years of your life on a hopeless cause or moving on, you don’t throw away your future—you throw away the man.” Monsen masterfully blends the genres of country-pop and rock, using rhythms and infectious melodies to showcase her artistic versatility. This song is a testament to her growth and journey, fortified by a carefully constructed composition and impeccable production. The emotionally charged lyrics lead into a dynamic post-chorus, creating a breath of fresh air and a captivating musical experience.

Emily Monsen’s musical repertoire showcases her raw vulnerability by capturing pivotal life moments that resonate deeply with her audience. Monsen’s stage presence has always been undeniable, from early endeavors as a talent show contestant to winning the esteemed KJ97’s Country Kid contest in 6th grade. With aspirations of gracing iconic country music venues like Red Rocks and the Ryman Auditorium, her passion does not go unnoticed. Monsen’s songs are characterized by a fusion of rootsy acoustic guitars and evocative piano arrangements that enhance her moving and realistic narratives. Through her distinctive countrypolitan vocal style, Monsen infuses her songwriting with unflinching self-awareness, crafting each track as a powerful testament to personal growth and introspection.

“Throw Away The Man” continues Emily Monsen’s trajectory towards musical prominence as her evocative melodies and morally resonant compositions progressively capture a growing fan base. Stream or download “Throw Away The Man” on all major digital platforms, and visit her Instagram at @EmilyMonsen for show updates, admire her sparkling outfits, and perhaps request adorable photos of her cat.