Eric Sleeper Releases Ambient New Single “Dragons”

Singer-Songwriter Dwells On False Reality Created by Social Media And Pop Culture

New York, NY – Singer-songwriter Eric Sleeper has released his latest single, “Dragons.” Bringing trippy loops, soulful harmonies, and poignant lyrics, the new track features an evocative guitar chipping away at a false reality. “Dragons” is available now on all streaming platforms.

Exemplifying the misconceptions that social media and entertainment portray about the ideal life with no flaws, “Dragons” is Eric Sleeper’s approach to seeing the bigger picture and doing the best you can with what you are given, rather than being discontent chasing for more. Honoring lyrics that his audience relates to, Sleeper encourages fans to use his song as a guide to appreciate themselves and their journey through life. “This song is about figuring out your priorities in life, acknowledging that what we see in movies, TV, or social media may not be what it seems,” explains Sleeper. “It can leave you discontent and always hungry for more, rather than enjoying the journey itself.” He expresses this in his lyric, “I see a storm coming down, you just see rain. I can’t afford another drought, so I don’t complain.” The line represents people becoming detrimentally dependent on others’ validation and materialistic things, whether completely knowingly or blindly. Sleeper continues to express how one may chase imaginary fantasies that in practice are not the best for themselves in his line, “Life is tragic, chasing dragons.” He leaves the audience hopeful for brighter days by constantly stating reasons why they should appreciate what little they are given.

Eric Sleeper, born in New York and based in New Jersey, embarked on his musical journey at 14. He found his passion for music, starting with a guitar, and quickly learned songwriting. After learning the MIDI keyboard shortly, he gained a broader understanding of music, which then allowed him to experiment more instrumentally and vocally. Sleeper has proven to be a talented musician, inspired by musicians who praise a minimalist approach to songwriting, like Bob Dylan, Elliot Smith, and Nirvana. “Dragons” is the follow-up single to “Son of a Gun” released in late 2022, where he received the attention of Prelude Press, Divine Magazine, XS Noize, and more. Sleeper is working on an album to bring to the stage, and fans have much to look forward to.

“Dragons” is now available for streaming or download. To follow along with Eric Sleeper’s musical journey, you can follow him on Instagram @EricSleeperMusic.