Experimental Project Decant Shares New Single “Offshore”

Berkeley, CA – Emerging from the vibrant Bay Area music scene, Decant, a rising dark pop band, has released “Offshore.” This track compounds the group’s genre-bending identity with a lurching synth-oriented epic that tackles themes of self-perception and identity. Through image-rich lyrics and expansive sonic melding, “Offshore” creates a uniquely memorable listening experience. The song is available to stream and download on digital streaming platforms worldwide.

“Offshore” is a song embroiled in self-affirmation amidst feelings of social disconnect. “More than most, this is a song of metaphors,” says frontperson Freddie Bytheway. “It was the middle of the pandemic, and my husband and I were trying to make our relationship survive the 13th year of marriage, which I could only describe as an ocean, the epitome of awesome and dangerously vast distance.” The track utilizes an unusual 9/8 time signature to preserve an overbearing sense of lurid anticipation that demands attention alongside its slow-paced synth arrangement. Electronic accents adorn the relatively straightforward track and help establish an almost post-apocalyptic soundscape that preserves space for the song’s focal point, its chorus. Repeated for more than half of its run time, Decant blends evocatively chaotic, yet tearfully harmonious elements to elevate the song’s chorus, “You are everything you want,” a transformatively cathartic moment and the song’s most appealing message. “We contain the universe inside ourselves, I sing the chorus for myself to remember, but also for him, and anyone else who needs to hear it,” says Bytheway. The single release will be followed by a live performance “rooftop session” video in August.

Since its inception by keyboardist/guitarist Joey Verdian in 2016, experimental 4-piece Decant has always pursued uniquely tactful symbolism in its craft. The addition of singer Freddie Bytheway and fellow keyboardist and guitarist Van Jackson-Weaver (members of Bay Area pop project Yassou) and drummer Thelonius Quimby in 2020 inspired the band’s current vision and expansive sound. Their name serves as a metaphor for their creative process, interpolating the transformation of emotional complexities into tangible feelings through sound, akin to the decanting of wine. Decant’s immersive aesthetic is formulated through an entrancing blend of electronic textures and organic instrumentation, coupled with elaborate melodies that tackle themes of loss, shifts in perception, and vulnerability. Inspired by the likes of Radiohead, Portishead, and FKA Twigs, their process of self-recording and producing tracks contributes to a distinctive interpretation of both society and music that defies categorization, all while maintaining a strong relationship with relatable pop song structures and melodies. Their first single, “Gallatin,” released in spring 2023, was followed by “Take Them” and “Beverly” last month. Each track has gained significant traction, amassing over 45k streams and approximately 10k monthly listeners on Spotify, independently.

Decant’s music is a testament to their commitment to pushing genre boundaries and creating a unique sonic experience. With its upcoming releases, Decant is set to continue its exploration of loss, transformation, and vulnerability through its unique blend of electronic and organic elements onwards until the release of its debut album later this year. For more information about Decant and their upcoming releases, please visit their website DecantMusic.com, and their Instagram @DecantMusic.