FIIZ Releases Intoxicating New Single “Lungs”

Brooklyn, NY – Hailing from a historically vibrant Brooklyn scene, electropop outfit FIIZ has released their effervescent new single “Lungs.” Together, Fiona and Isabelle – the duo behind FIIZ – weave a mesmerizing tapestry of sound to guide listeners through a sonic adventure and whirlwind romance. “Lungs” is available to stream on digital platforms.

With impactful lyrics that perfectly capture the feeling of being infatuated with someone so much that your heart feels as if it might burst out of your chest, “Lungs,” is a testament to queer sensuality. “‘Lungs’ is about what it feels like to be with a woman for the first time and how overwhelming and powerful that can feel,” Fiona says. “It captures that desire with someone new to just continue to kiss them, and completely ignore the need to breathe.”

The track smudges the boundaries of electronic, pop, and alternative genres, creating a unique and refreshing atmosphere that defies categorization. From the start, FIIZ grabs your attention, using its distinctive blend of genres and atmospheric elements. The pulsating beats and ethereal synths create a rich, immersive sound that instantly draws you in. As the track progresses, the intricate layers of instrumentation intertwine seamlessly, building an atmospheric backdrop that is both hypnotic and exhilarating. The vocals on “Lungs” are equally enthralling with a hauntingly beautiful quality that adds depth and emotion to the song. It’s almost as if the musical duo are wizards transporting us into our own daydreams.

“From a joint perspective, we were really interested in creating a song that celebrated consent. There are so many love songs and lust songs out there, but not a lot of them touch on the idea that there is a mutual communication about intimacy that comes with such ease and fun.” With lyrics like, “Giving you consent so come on take it all,” and “No one sees me like you do, no one in the room but you. You’re the only one who gets to see underneath,” FIIZ subverts the heteronormative storylines generally seen in pop storytelling, broadening the scope of pop and dance music.

FIIZ, composed of Fiona (Fi) and Isabelle (Iz), is the creative brainchild born out of the unique bond between two best friends and their shared quarantine experience. The duo fearlessly represents the queer community in their music, challenging the confines of heteronormative pop culture and breaking barriers with their unapologetic expression and empowering presence. “What’s so special about being a duo is we get to write from two perspectives in our storytelling, and in this track, we played with the idea of it being a sort of conversation/call-and-response from both women experiencing this relationship and these feelings,” states Isabelle on their collaboration. Drawing from their diverse musical backgrounds, each song becomes a canvas where they skillfully weave together various influences, creating a distinctive and progressive sound that pushes boundaries. Their recent releases mark a shift towards a more concentrated electronic-pop sound, expertly blending different vocal styles influenced by the realms of hyperpop and EDM. The song was produced by The Prodigy, Bjork, Arcade Fire, The Killers).

By embracing their authentic selves, FIIZ’s music becomes a powerful outlet for raw and unfiltered emotions. “Lungs” is an immersive experience that leaves you spellbound and craving more. Stream it now on digital platforms worldwide and stay connected to their musical journey by following them on Instagram @FIIZmusic.