Fox and Bones Releases Album American Alchemy

Folk-Pop Duo Drop Charming Americana Record Ripe for Current Times

Los Angeles, CA – Fox and Bones took their time with the release of their best album yet titled American Alchemy. The energy of this album will keep crowds on their feet. American Alchemy” is out now on all streaming platforms worldwide. 

Sarah Vitort and Scott Gilmore deliver a refreshing album that is a true labor of love, drenched in inspiration and dedication. American Alchemy is different from anything they have ever released before, “We took our time writing and recording American Alchemy because we felt we had reached a point in our career where we could put out our best record, one that stands the test of time,” the duo explains. The album displays a wide range of colors as the genres of modern vintage folk bless your ears. The opening track, “A Changing of the Guard” catapults you into a groovy, soul-infused folk-rock anthem, while “Already Here (Music in Modern Times)” is a powerful blues-heavy rock commentary. Each track delivers a cathartic and engaging story from start to finish. Closing out the album is “Layers of Antiquity,” a delicate folk hymn that serves as a tongue-in-cheek observation of current societal constructs. The album’s skeletal structure came together under Matt Greco’s production and guidance; the producer honed in on the duo’s abilities and added new layers of dimension to each track, helping to craft an otherworldly record that serves as a perfect representation of Fox and Bones’ multifaceted sound

With this extraordinary album release, Fox and Bones will be venturing out into the Ethereum blockchain world by selling their tracks as a non-fungible token. “We’ll be releasing each track as a 1/1 NFT during a week-long auction. These will be collector’s items for our most dedicated fans and will be fully tradable via open sea on the Ethereum blockchain. I’ve always been fascinated by the cryptocurrency space and feel that this technology will eventually be a major disruptor in the streaming and distribution of music, giving fans direct access to the content that artists create.”

The nomadic duo from Portland, Oregon made up of singer-songwriters Sarah Vitort and Scott Gilmore, started their career on the road, constantly traveling and sharing their music across the globe. They’ve toured around the world in the United States, Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.  Fox and Bones’ colorful prism of sound that blends pop, folk, rock and Americana has been praised by American SongwriterThe BootPARADE Magazine, No Depression, and more. The former of which said, “the tones, sounds, and colors selected for the album evoke a retro feel that redefines what it means to make music in a modern world. Fox and Bones focus on lyricism from past and present influences to tell stories about what they would like to see in the future.”

American Alchemy shows Fox and Bones’ captivating charm that stems from an uncanny ability to showcase raw vulnerability and pair that with heartfelt beats and soul-fused lyricism. Download and stream the album now on digital music platforms worldwide. To keep up with Fox and Bones’ journey, you can follow them on Instagram @foxandbones or visit