Francis Aud Releases Groovy Pop Single “Codeine Kiss”

New York, NY — NYC funk-pop artist Francis Aud has released his infectious new single, “Codeine Kiss,” which is just what the doctor ordered when it comes to feeling good, letting out all of that pent-up summer energy, and treating yourself to that Zoom dance party that you deserve. “Codeine Kiss” is now available to stream and download on digital music platforms worldwide.

“Codeine Kiss” is what you get when a summer bop shows up late to the party celebrating the start of autumn. Jam-packed with psychedelic vocals, cheeky guitar, a thumping baseline, and a spicy horn arrangement, “Codeine Kiss” arrives just at the nick of time to fight any quarantine blues. As Francis explains, “It’ll definitely help you do something with all of that “bootyshake-energy” you’ve got stored up and help you groove your way out of this year and into the next.”

A catchy hook, a-little-too-on-the-nose lyrics, thumping bass line, and a shamelessly 80s synthesizer solo to round out the whole shebang, “Codeine Kiss” was made to add some groove to your mood and improve your attitude. In his own words, Aud says: “It slaps, but not TOO hard, ya know?” “Codeine Kiss” is Francis Aud’s fifth release of 2020, and the first song from his discography co-produced by Aud himself alongside long-time collaborator and troublemaker Zach Golden (Anthony Ramos, Jasmine Cephas Jones). The track was mixed by Ryan Gilligan and mastered by Joe Lambert.

Growing up in NYC with immigrant parents, Francis Aud didn’t grow up with the intention of being a musician. He didn’t even listen to the radio until he was 12, for Pete’s sake! On the journey through his teenage years and young adult life, Aud fell deeply in love with music and upon graduating from college and some soul searching, in 2017, Aud decided to pursue a music career. After releasing his first retro-soul EP, Tender Things, Aud started writing “FONK MUSIC,” a unique blend of funk and pop. With influences ranging from Bruno Mars and Allen Stone to James Brown, it becomes pretty clear why his singles “Take Me Home,” “Say It Loud,” “Without You,” and now “Codeine Kiss” sound the way they do – fun.

Francis Aud blends the worlds of pop and funk music perfectly, a feat that is made clear with “Codeine Kiss.” For immediate relief, download or stream “Codeine Kiss” on all digital music platforms. (Side effects may include uncontrollable dancing.) To keep up with Francis Aud, follow him on socials @FrancisAudMusic or visit his website