Francis Aud Releases New FONKY Pop Single “Take Me Home”

NYC Musician Encourage Fans to Dance Their Sadness Away

New York, NY — NYC native, Francis Aud has released his new funk-pop single, “Take Me Home.” Aud delivers a unique fusion of groovy funk and electronic elements combined with melancholic tone and lyrics. “Take Me Home” is now available to stream and download on digital music platforms worldwide.

With an 80s influenced psychedelic-funk sound and pumping disco-era beat, Francis Aud’s new single lets you wallow in your feelings and makes you want to get up and dance the sadness away at the same time. “Disguised in synths and a funky dance-pop bass line, ‘Take Me Home’ is a sad song that’s aware of its melancholy towards love and the state-of-the-world,” explains Francis Aud. “To prove to its friends that “everything is fine” and that they’re “thriving,” the song puts on a lycra jumpsuit, a neon-green headband, and shows up to the local roller rink ready to boogie while popping bubble gum for 80’s dance night.”

“Take Me Home” is produced by Stavros Tsourhas (AJ Mitchell) and Zach Golden (Anthony Ramos, Jasmine Cephas Jones) and mixed and mastered by Douglas Schadt. “I wrote this song back in 2019 during a snowy February afternoon in Stavros’ studio. At the time, I thought the song was a little “too moody,” and I wasn’t that confident in releasing it because I was so self-conscious,” he admits. “To me, this song represents taking a chance to pursue “what I heard in my head,” and the universe shows me that it’s okay to take artistic chances.”

Born in NYC, Francis Aud is the child of two strict immigrant parents who drilled it in his head from day one that education was the priority. With the expectation that he would have a “respectable” career as a doctor, professor, or engineer, there was certainly no room for the arts. In fact, Francis was 12 years old before he ever listened to the radio! After graduating from college, he decided he could no longer push aside his love for music and began writing and recording his first EP, Tender Things. After releasing his debut EP in 2017, Francis began to move away from his retro-soul beginnings and started writing and releasing music that he likes to call, “FONK™ MUSIC,” his own unique blend of funk and pop. Since then, he released a slew of FONKY™ singles, including “Without You,” “Say It Loud,” and “Thought Of You.” The soulful pop artist fuses his retro-funk sound with influences from artists Al Green, James Brown, and Marvin Gaye, and is reminiscent of contemporary artists such as Bruno Mars, Allen Stone, and Paolo Nutini.

Francis Aud masterfully blends retro-funk and pop to deliver his mesmerizing and dreamy dance track, “Take Me Home.” Download or stream “Take Me Home” now on digital music platforms worldwide. To keep up with Francis Aud’s journey, follow him on socials @FrancisAudMusic or visit