glibs Drops New Heartfelt Anthem, “What I Want”

LA Songwriter and Producer Channels The Trials and Tribulations of a One-Sided Relationship

Los Angeles, CA – Recording artist and producer glibs has released his heartfelt new single, “What I Want,” examining the vulnerability of opening up to someone and the lack of communication that follows when those feelings are not reciprocated, giving insight into the mind of young love. glibs specializes in turning his life experiences into compelling emotional narratives that many can relate to. “What I Want” is now available to stream and download on all platforms worldwide.

“The process of writing this song was a familiar place for me,” explains glibs. “I found myself sitting at my keyboard building an arrangement that ended up provoking these certain feelings inside me.” “What I Want” is a down-tempo track that explores his unguarded side. Melancholic vocals are partnered with a soothing lo-fi beat to bring listeners into the mind of a young romantic. He recognizes his feelings of love, but the communication feels one-sided. “What I Want” is me sharing my lived experience,” says glibs. “That feeling when you make it known what you want from someone, but you’re met with uncertainty. I’ve learned to always stand behind my truth when I find myself in a situation like that. That’s the only way to find what you want.” Soft percussion and dreamy vocals draw the listener into the introspective environment he creates, embellishing an imperfect romance narrative that provides a different perspective of being young and in love. “What I Want” was written and produced by glibs.

Matthew Bagnall, known by his stage name glibs, was born in Iowa, where he began his musical journey learning piano at the age of five. After moving to Sheboygan, Wisconsin as a teenager, he found a community he could identify with the music of others. He gradually introduced his voice into music and put out his first project, Just a Kid, in 2016, featuring his first big hit “Waves.” During his first year in college, he released a collaborative project, Sweet Talk with CjayQ, where they achieved success with their track “Wonderful Day,” which has over 2.5 million streams on Spotify.  glibs sound is an ethereal blend of hip-hop and R&B, akin to artists such as Mac Miller and Joji, and his songs have gathered millions of streams worldwide. As both a self-produced instrumentalist and vocalist, glibs has carved out his unique sound and created a timeless discography of music.

“What I Want” is a melancholic song composed of spacey instrumentals that allow glibs’ emotions to shine through in his vocals. “What I Want” is now available worldwide on all streaming platforms. To keep up with glibs, follow his musical journey on Instagram @mttyiceberg.