glibs Drops Sleek New Single, “Soft Spot”

Dynamic Artist and Producer Describes The Impact of an Irresistible Love

Los Angeles, CA – LA-based artist and producer, glibs, has released the dreamy single, “Soft Spot,” a silky depiction of holding a place in the heart for a special someone. “This song comes from my emotions of heartbreak,” admits glibs. The delicate track, which is available for download and streaming on digital platforms worldwide, combines his smooth-spoken voice with a calm beat. The lyrics, accompanied by his gentle tone and soft melody, express a mellow vibe.

Written and produced by glibs, “Soft Spot” opens with a wall of instrumentals and effortlessly flows into welcoming vocals. Immediately, a loud whistle trickles into a steady beat with relaxing melodies. Although there’s a sweet undertone to the track, the hard-hitting lyrics describe a wistful heartbreak. “I became obsessed with trying to please this person I loved, but it wasn’t returned back to me,” explains glibs. “The lyrics ’Not a day goes by without thinking ‘bout you are quite literal. When I let myself fall in love with someone, there’s nothing stopping that. So when love hits a wall, I’m going to crash.” glibs brilliantly infuses his songwriting into a lo-fi beat that allows listeners to feel the emotions laid out in the lyrics. He’s mastered the ability to draw an audience in with relatable feelings of unrequited love.

Matthew Bagnall, known musically as glibs, began his musical journey at the age of five. Learning to play the piano at such a young age started it all. As both a self-produced instrumentalist and vocalist, glibs has carved out his unique sound and created a timeless discography of music. After finding success in early projects such as Just a Kid in 2016, featuring his first big hit “Waves,” and a collaborative project, Sweet Talk with CjayQ, where “Wonderful Day” gained over 2.5 million streams on Spotify, his unique blend of hip-hop and R&B sets him apart from other artists. glibs reveals he is unafraid of love, learning, and failure through his musicality. He’s hopeful, optimistic, yet realistic, developing his story as an artist.

“Soft Spot” is a relatable and euphonious heartbreak anthem. Download or stream “Soft Spot” on digital platforms worldwide. To keep up with glibs’ musical journey, follow him on Instagram @mttyiceberg.