Hamid J Narrates a Journey Through Love with Debut Album ‘cycle of a relationship’

Los Angeles, CA – Indie-pop artist Hamid J has released his debut full-length album, cycle of a relationship. The 12-track album combines unapologetic narratives with ‘80s-inspired synth style to chronicle the journey through a romantic relationship, from first meet to post-breakup healing. cycle of a relationship is now available to stream and download on digital platforms worldwide.

cycle of a relationship connects the stages of a romantic relationship, with each consecutive track offering an authentic account of each phase. Hamid J credits the narrative to his own experiences with love. “I see myself first and foremost as a storyteller,” he explains. The tone of the album is set by previously released singles: “do you get this feeling,” an upbeat track about the vulnerability of opening up in a budding relationship, and “ain’t thinkin bout you,” a powerful anthem of moving on post-breakup to prioritize self-worth. Between those tracks lies the relationship; narratives including the beginning of the end, the breakup and the desire for revenge complete the full cycle of a relationship. The track “just a rider” shows the stage of letting a guard down to be vulnerable, while “sad stuck” expresses the feeling of losing the romance and feeling the other person pull away. Blending honest and personal relationship difficulties with Hamid J’s signature synth bassline, cycle of a relationship perfectly captures the ups and downs of romance, understanding that both are part of the full cycle.

A self-taught artist, Hamid J knew from a young age that his passion was to authentically entertain. His music is inspired by personal experiences, both good and bad, that he shares with powerfully honest lyricism. “Hamid J’s candid approach to creating his art is intuitive and trusting, and his raw talent is honed by his passion,” raves Matt Cady, who produced Hamid J’s album and has worked with artists including Madonna, Ariana Grande, and Ed Sheeran. “Being on Hamid’s creative team has been deeply inspiring and enriching, and I’m honored to be on his team.” Inspired by musical storytellers like Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson and Sia, as well as his own experiences as a gay Iranian-American, Hamid J is committed to blending ‘80s inspiration with what makes him unique in each song he writes.

Hamid J’s music is honest about both the good and the bad, infused with messages of optimism and self-love. His new album, cycle of a relationship, authentically narrates the passage through any romance, intertwining sincere and candid storytelling with funky beats that have audiences dancing. cycle of a relationship can now be streamed on digital platforms worldwide. To keep up with Hamid J’s journey through love, breakups, and the space in between, visit HamidJ.com and follow him on Instagram at @OfficialHamidJ.