High Street Gives Fans a “Light of Hope”

Hard Rock Band Plays to the Soul of the Rock Community 

High Street has released “Light of Hope,” a new single that makes the daring choice to confront the demons that many people face on their journey to inner peace. The emotional and inspiring ballad displays the band’s ability to deliver music outside of hard rock and slow things down both rhythmically and affectionately.  “Light of Hope,” which takes careful inspiration from Velvet Revolver, is the final single before their EP, Revival, is released and is now available on digital music platforms worldwide. 

As the band continues along the Pacific West coast for their Revival tour, they’re gifting audiences with another glimpse of the forthcoming EP. With “Light of Hope,” High Street is redefining the culture and expanding the limits to which rock music can be a tool for healing. It’s no secret that the genre has been its own mode of therapy for generations. Listeners who long to release unwanted energy will simply do so through the sonic aggressions of rock that feel synonymous with their own emotions. In the age of mental health awareness, this phenomenon of catharsis is even more relevant, and High Street knows it. The context of “Light of Hope” is very poignantly described by High Street as a song “written from the perspective of someone who has eventually built the resolve to overcome their trauma and is working day by day toward finding ‘home’ in their quest, whatever form that may be.” It is a message rock fans can relate to, especially those finding a home in the culture of rock that accepts them for who they are. High Street invites their fans and listeners to continue to find their inner peace through the hopeful guitar riffs and introspective lyrics of “Light of Hope.”

High Street got its roots in lead guitarist Erik Findling’s Chicago attic. The young middle-schooler at the time – who first picked up a guitar at the age of four – enlisted his brother, Kurt, to assemble a group with some of their musically-inclined classmates. Their attic rehearsal space looked out onto the corner of High Street, inspiring the band’s name. While still in junior high, High Street’s musical prowess surpassed some of the city’s most seasoned music veterans. It allowed them to play at renowned Chicago venues such as The Double Door, Hard Rock Café, and Subterranean. As the band garnered more success, Findling began to compose original music for the group. Soon after, the band collaborated and recorded albums with acclaimed producer Sean O’Keefe, best known for his work with Fall Out Boy. When it came time for the members to go off to college, the band parted ways. With this new development, Findling decided to pursue solo work, exploring different genres, and playing at a multitude of different venues. Once he moved back to Los Angeles, he felt inspired to start the band back up again. The band’s rebirth now includes the sensational vocals of Noxigen, Nic Metaxas on bass, and  Brando Nikales on drums. Each member of the four-piece outfit brings a fresh new take on the hard rock genre. Using his background in Indian classical music, Noxigen delivers awe-inspiring vocals that fuse perfectly with Nikales’s energetic drumming and Findling’s chill-inducing guitar and Metaxas’s rhythmic bass.

“Light of Hope” is an impelling testament to the artistic journey High Street has committed to. Their music is not only a reflection of their own pasts, but the future of the rock music they intend to cultivate through the power of poetic transparency.

Stay up to date with all of High Street’s happenings on their website, HighStreetOfficial.com, or via Instagram, @highstreetofficial and listen to the latest single, “Light of Hope” on all digital streaming platforms.