Hot Bodies In Motion’s Thematic EP Explores Fortune Through Multiple Lenses

Seattle, WA – Hot Bodies In Motion has released its highly anticipated EP, Fortune, a multi-faceted project that explores the meaning of “fortune” through multiple lenses.  With captivating guitar instrumentals, energetic drum beats, and strong, raspy vocals, Fortune is littered with raw emotion and brutal honesty on various complex human experiences. “The word fortune can refer to wealth, luck, success, or failure,” says the pair, “as the lyrics explore its various meanings through the lens of love, relationships, and family dynamics.” Fortune is available to stream on all music platforms globally.


Hot Bodies In Motion, created by good friends Scott Johnson and Ben Carson, left nothing hidden when it comes to this latest release. In a dynamic fusion of throwback rock and soulful swagger, the four-piece project discusses the various manifestations of fortune in different contexts. Whether it be a story of falling in love in Peru while tripping on mushrooms like “Dive In,” to the remnants of previous life decisions coming back to haunt them at night in “All Night,” or a heartfelt journey of being there for a loved one going through a crisis, while simultaneously acknowledging their strength to overcome adversity in a “Hotel Room,” Hot Bodies In Motion shines an honest light on themes of love, heartbreak, and hedonistic reflection. The EP is chillingly beautiful in its willingness to dive deep into the layers of good, bad, and ugly within these intense experiences, as characteristic of the pair’s previous tracks.


Born out of a basement in Seattle 12 years ago, Hot Bodies In Motion accredits their passion for music to their religious upbringing and their immersion in the local community growing up. After Johnson picked up the guitar and Carson learned bass, the pair spent their free time playing together. Whether through high school choir or gigs at the town farmer’s market, music has served as both a creative and emotional outlet for the duo. Drawing inspiration from a plethora of artists such as Pharrell Williams, the Black Keys, and even Mariah Carey, Hot Bodies In Motion has created a unique sound that is the perfect balance of fervent and sensual. The group has collaborated with multiple notable artists such as Macklemore, Natale from JOSEPH, and Allen Stone, and championed multiple media placements such as the Lionsgate film Abduction, Netflix’s Lucifer, and NBC’s The Night Shift. Their last release, “Hymn 151,” gained praise from OutLoud! CultureDrop The Spotlight, and Pause & Play.

Returning after a 10-year hiatus, Hot Bodies In Motion is not holding back. With a distinctly vintage vibe, pulsing rhythms, and captivating guitar hooks, Fortune provides an emotionally raw story of the difficult decisions that keep us awake at night, being there for a loved one in crisis, and learning to embrace things outside of our control. To stay up to date on Hot Bodies in Motion’s musical journey, follow their Spotify, Instagram @HotBodiesInMotion, and visit