Ilona Releases Playful Debut Single “Catch My Vibe”

Emerging Pop Artist Shares Irresistible Summer Bop

Los Angeles, CA – Powerhouse dance-pop performer Ilona has released her debut single, “Catch My Vibe,” an irresistible summer bop with vibrant energy. Determined to embrace moments of joy and instant connection, the rhythms of “Catch My Vibe” are equal parts sensuous and lively. A quintessential Latin groove is weaved through the track, accompanied by Ilona’s bright harmonies, creating an intoxicating cocktail of playfulness. “Catch My Vibe” is available now to stream and download on all digital platforms.

“Catch My Vibe” glitters in instant moments of chemistry and embraces the allure of attraction at first sight. Chasing the endless possibilities of connection, the song reverberates in its catchiness, bold rhythms, and flirty undertones, setting it apart to become the perfect summer hit. “’Catch My Vibe’ was one of the first songs that I wrote when I moved to LA last year. Post-pandemic, I feel like we are all looking for more human connections. This song is all about new beginnings, finding romance, and having fun,” explains Ilona. Indulging in what feels right in the moment, Ilona reminds her listeners of the importance of these passionate, instinctive glimpses of human connection – and the whirlwind of feelings they bring forward. Produced by Moritz Braun, “Catch My Vibe” comes forward as the anthem of finding liberation through intimacy, whether it be physical or emotional, a sunny bop that encourages listeners to let loose and enjoy spontaneity. The track features Joey Petrarca on guitar and was mastered at Lurrsen Mastering.

In a fierce alchemy of irresistible hooks, exquisite vocals, and self-reliant liberation, Ilona is determined to leave her mark as an artist who wholeheartedly embraces truth and vulnerability, placing empowerment at the core of her artistry. Hailing from Apple Valley, Minnesota, the daughter of a Russian/Ukrainian family, she describes herself as an “introverted extrovert” who was ostracized for being different and found expression and strength in her creativity, fuelled by her mother’s encouragement and lifelong support. A dancer trained in gymnastics, Ilona notes that artists who connected their emotions to movement served as a blueprint: Beyonce, Rihanna, and Shakira. As a vocal student at Berklee College of Music in Boston, she found inspiration in a virtual lecture by composer Hans Zimmer, and his journey of creative independence. Recording at Just For The Record Studio with producer Moritz Braun, the two collaborated on crafting the vibrant arrangements that now define her sound. Centering her journey around perseverance, motivation, and fortitude, Ilona’s path is one that sets out to be magnetic, explorative, and liberating.

“Catch My Vibe” is only the first glimpse behind the curtain of the pop maven’s talent, drive, and passion. Playful and alluring, the song sets the scene for her sparkling journey, and listeners’ irresistible, joyful energy. You can follow Ilona on her Instagram @iamilonamusic.