Indie Artist BIRCH Releases Feminist Concept Album “”

Brooklyn Based Musician Explores How It Feels To Be A Woman In Today’s Society

Brooklyn, NY – Synth-pop singer-songwriter Birch delivers her feminist concept album,, showcasing her own personal experience as a woman in today’s society. Birch uses lush instrumentation of electronic and acoustic elements that put you in her eye while sharing the relationship she has developed with feminism. The album is now available on digital music platforms worldwide.

Following the release of her singles “femme.two,” “Labor Fruit” and “Spelling Lessons,” Birch reveals the rest of her songs that hold a full and cohesive synergy reflecting a celestial vocal approach, with backing from beautiful synthesizer elements and accompaniment by subtle and present drums. “The main theme of this album is to explore how it feels to be a woman in this ever changing world,” affirms Birch.

Co-produced by Ariel Loh, the album opens with title track “,” a soothing, delicate and empowering lyrical dawn that leads into a miscellany of electronic, acoustic and vocal contributions that speak to the world of Birch’s potent concepts. This is exemplified in succeeding songs such as “Spelling Lessons” and “Bury It,” delivered flawlessly into this nine-track album. “ is a personal narrative and feminist concept album because it expresses how it feels to be a woman today while trying to find my place in the world,” explains Birch. “By running a chronological exploration of my relationship with feminism, many of the songs share musical elements and even bleed together as you’ll experience with the bleeding of my last two songs.”

Featured on are a variety of synths from the Prophet-5 to the vintage Korg Delta, flugelhorn by Chloe Rowlands, and guitar rhythms by Cape Francis. Birch also makes use of modern technologies using Ableton Live to create vocal glitches. “One of my favorite things to do in the writing process is play with vocals by running them through a vocoder or chopping them up and playing the notes on my midi keyboard which creates the glitchy affect you’ll notice in so many of my songs.”

After keeping her songwriting to herself for the majority of her life and immersing herself in a cocoon of music theory and composition at Kenyon College of Ohio, Birch now emerges on new wings and pursues to give voice to women all over the world. With sounds similar, but not apparent to The XX, Bon Iver and St. Vincent, Birch’s provides listeners with a very heartfelt and genuine approach to an important message she wants to convey to the world in a time that lacks compassion, empathy and common courtesy amongst women. is now available for streaming and digital download worldwide. Keep up with Birch by visiting