Italian Singer-Songwriter Anthony Lazaro Releases “Basement Love”

International Indie Artist Brings Hope to a Socially Distancing World With Inspiring EP

Los Angeles, CA – Chill indie songwriter, Anthony Lazaro has released his relaxing EP, Basement Love, a collection of songs about love and want for adventure during the struggles that society is trying to cope with today. Combining his relaxed instrumentals, powerful lyrics, and enchanting vocals, Lazaro brings us a cheerful and uplifting EP during difficult times. Basement Love is now available to stream and download on digital music platforms worldwide.

Produced by Anthony Lazaro and Danny Humming, Basement Love tells hopeful stories of different versions of life during the current pandemic. “This is a musical serenade to the social distancing world,” explains Lazaro. “It’s to all those who have to stay separated, the distant lovers, the Zooming flirts, the kisses sent through microphones and monitors; to all those who are looking forward to jumping on the first plane and start traveling again; to the romantic lovers who rediscover the coziness of the four walls and build their own love bunker inside; to the dreamers who are already planning flights to South America or Asia that sound like a mission to the moon.” In his new EP, Lazaro uses experiences and adventures during this difficult time to tell cheerful stories. The first song and title track of his EP, “Basement Love,” brings inspiration to a complex love story for many at a time of social distancing. His calming voice invites lightheartedness during a dark time. “To the epilogue of this, which hopefully will be soon and will leave us changed forever, frailer and insecure, but also more human and grateful for something we all took for granted. Human contact. Ready to build something better on the debris of the old world.” This concept of hope in a difficult time is also depicted in the third song on the EP, “Himalaya,” where Lazaro uses his inspiring voice and lyrics to look forward to future travel and adventure. Lazaro uses his tasteful lyrics to portray this message in all of the songs within his new EP. The closing track is a remixed version of a popular Lazaro song, “A Thousand Little Fires,” co-produced and remixed by Definitely Dean. The EP was mixed by Danny Humming and mastered by Leon Smith.

Anthony Lazaro is an indie artist and songwriter from Genoa, Italy, currently living in Hamburg, Germany. The skilled artist is accomplished in many aspects of music, being a vocalist, songwriter, and instrumentalist. His instruments include vocals, guitar, ukulele, and piano. Lazaro’s unique style and voice are inspired by various music genres that he transfers into his own songs. As a singer, he is inspired by Chet Baker, Nina Simone, Amy Winehouse, Devendra Banhart, Bon Iver, and Jack Johnson. His music has been used by Starbucks, Cosmopolitan, Bofrost, and the Amazon Prime series Russian Affairs.

With his captivating voice and inspired lyrics, Anthony Lazaro’s new EP, Basement Love, conveys the type of hope and encouragement that everyone can use right now. Stream or download Basement Love now on digital platforms worldwide. To follow Anthony Lazaro’s adventure, visit his website at