Izzy Strigel Drops Lively New Single, “Breathe”

Alternative-Pop Artist Explores Mixed Emotions in a Trapped Relationship

Los Angeles, CA – Alternative-pop artist Izzy Strigel has just released her captivating new single, “Breathe.” Mixing together unique instrumentals with an infectious beat, this lyrical masterpiece bends genres in a mesmerizing way. “Breathe” is available on streaming platforms worldwide. 

“After the breakup, a lot of emotions and clarity flushed forward, and the only way I knew how to process it was to write about it,” explains Strigel, who wrote “Breathe” about her personal experience with feeling trapped in a relationship with a past lover. Her statement is supported by anthemic lyrics, “push me away; I’ll disappear, scared to face my fears.” “Breathe” captures these complex emotions in a poetic way, resonating Strigel’s message to those who have experienced similar feelings.

Fusing a powerful message with a colorful tonal cascade, “Breathe” incorporates a range of melodies. From soft and mellow to buoyant and energetic, Strigel’s rollercoaster of emotions is mirrored through the musical concoction of this track. The song was co-written by Strigel and Anthony Kayser, also known as Kaijac, who also produced the track.

Izzy Strigel began singing when she was a young child. Born in Durham, North Carolina, and now Los Angeles-based, Strigel has shown to wear many hats. After picking up piano, guitar, and drums, she began using music to channel her emotions and explore her feelings in ways indescribable with words. Strigel takes musical inspiration from major pop artists like Justin Bieber and The Chainsmokers and lyrical influence from the likes of Mo, Remi Wolf, and Dominic Fike.

“Breathe” is a modern-day genre-bending breakup anthem. Izzy Strigel’s storytelling, mixed with luminous melodies and powerful beats, breathes life into the track. You can follow Izzy Strigel’s musical and personal adventures on her Instagram, @izzystrigel. Download or stream “Breathe” on digital music platforms everywhere.