J Nicolás Gets Transparent in New Single, “Dark Days”

Portland, OR – Folk singer-songwriter J Nicolás has just released his latest single, “Dark Days.” The new song is a cathartic release for Nicolás, and shows how facing the skeletons in his closet with the support from another person has become a process of healing and growth. “Dark Days” is now available to stream on all digital music platforms worldwide.

With his latest song, Nicolás looks back into his personal history and the trauma that endures through the different types of his past relationships. Often, people connect with one another deeply by sharing similar experiences. Having these connections with people, especially in the case of damaging experiences, can really contribute to the growth and healing process that follows. “I got the idea for the song after reflecting on past and current relationships and the catharsis that can result in connecting with someone through suffering,” Nicolás explains. “Trauma bonding is considered unhealthy by many, but I believe there can be beauty and healing in it.” In “Dark Days,” Nicolás combines his raspy, soft vocals with traditional Americana elements like acoustic guitar and harmonica to create a balanced and peaceful folk melody. Produced by Nicolás himself, with Dave Depper on bass and mastered by Amy Dragon at Telegraph Mastering, “Dark Days” has been born from a strong and experienced group of musical talent.

J Nicolás kicked off his solo career in 2021 with his debut album Wild Oak, launching himself into a new trajectory and sound overall. Though this new folk endeavor only began last year, Nicolás has been an active contributor to the indie rock scene for over 20 years. Within those two decades, Nicolás has toured across the U.S. and internationally, played with numerous talented musicians, and procured a fanbase across two different genres of music. Nicolás’ shift to the folk world helped him display his journey of self-discovery through vivid, poetic lyricism and an element of storytelling unique to the folk genre. His upcoming sophomore album, A Rosary of Bone, dives further into his development and embraces the darker experiences he has endured, which ultimately shaped him to be the man he is today. On this upcoming release, recorded on 8-track analog tape, Nicolás impressively plays nearly every instrument on the album.

“Dark Days” is a calm display of a tumultuous sensation: being connected to someone who understands the deepest, darkest parts of you. “Dark Days” is now available worldwide on all streaming platforms. To keep up with J Nicolás and his musical journey, be sure to check out his Instagram @JNicolasMusic and his website JNicolasMusic.com.