J8KE Returns With Heartfelt New Single “Hold Me”

Toronto, Ontario – Following his breakout single late last year, singer-songwriter J8KE has released his latest heartfelt project, “Hold Me.” “Hold Me” is a rhythmically pulsing anthem capturing the hopeful energy of a young man turning over every rock in his search for intimacy. J8KE’s genre-diverse-inspired acoustic groove was mixed and mastered by producer Marco Silvenses and is now available to stream or download on all major music platforms.

“Hold Me’s” artistic strengths lie in J8KE’s prowess in fusing distinctive genres to synthesize a deceptively complex product, both emotionally and sonically. His lyricism centers around sensations of something missing, that something definitely being love, he declares as the track progresses. “‘Hold Me’ is a more impassioned song than I’ve written in a long time,” says J8KE. “It’s about doubt, indecisiveness, and the loss of love. All with a true glimpse that right around the corner that person is waiting for you.” J8KE manifests a more positive, pop-oriented outlook on the track that creates a dynamic foil for the song’s heavier content. His ear-grabbing guitar hooks and tropical-leaning percussion add a very light-hearted layer to the propelling acoustic backbone and wordy verses. J8KE maintains a sweeping, reggae-esque vocal delivery throughout that solidifies his creative style as seen in previous tracks such as “Lemonade.”

Canadian singer-songwriter J8KE (real name Jake Robertson) pulls his talented skills from a genuine adoration for music. His early musical beginnings trace back to a chance encounter learning chords with his aunt, from which point he learned how to channel his hyperactive energy into music and discovered his passion. Since then, J8KE’s natural ability has led him onto the biggest stages around North America, touring both independently and with his former band Cardinal Chase. From opening for the likes of The Beach Boys, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Sublime with Rome, to scoring radio play around Canada and obtaining coverage in Billboard Magazine, J8KE’s unique sound is demanding near-constant attention. His distinctive artistry weaves together the noises of off-beat reggae, laid-back acoustic roots, and an observant pop ear to create dynamically engaging recordings and unbelievably energetic live performances.

With its fast-paced rhythm and driving riffs, J8KE’s latest single, “Hold Me,” is a natural progression from his previous hits. The song plates tumultuous human experiences in a light-hearted and romantic way, making it impossible for listeners not to bob along. Find this song streaming on all digital music platforms and follow his musical journey on Instagram.com @J8keMusic.