Jaymellz Rings In The Island Vibes With “Wind It Up”

Aiken, SC – Jaymellz has unleashed his latest dance anthem, “Wind It Up,” a captivating and groove-laden track bound to entrance listeners with its infectious energy. Blending elements of hip-hop and rhythm-heavy reggae, Jaymellz delivers a flawless fusion of genres creating the ultimate island anthem. This euphonious party bop serves as the ideal transitional soundtrack, seamlessly ushering in the carefree spirit of summer. “Wind It Up” is now available to stream and download on all digital music platforms.

“Wind It Up”  features a lively rhythm section that encourages listeners to engage with the energetic nature of island-influenced music. Jaymellz’s vocals add an enticing element to the song, while the lyrics create a seductive atmosphere for the audience. He expressed his enthusiasm for the track, stating, “‘Wind It Up’ brings the islands to you! It’s a vibrant dancehall song that ignites a desire to move your body.” Exploring this new genre presents Jaymellz with the potential for rejuvenation and artistic development, opening doors to thrilling prospects and fostering creative expansion. The track was written by Jeremy Weaver and produced by Jaymellz.

Jaymellz discovered his passion for music at the age of 7, encouraged by his late Aunt Connie’s belief in his singing abilities. After school, he dedicated himself to his music career, independently producing, rapping, songwriting, and releasing multiple projects since 2009. He runs his own label, B.A.S.E. Ent., and has collaborated with notable figures such as DJ Smallz, JStaffz, Queen Sheeba, and Jharrel Jerome from the Oscar-winning film Moonlight. Jaymellz recently partnered with Bentley Records, working with acts like Soulja Boy. His latest single, “Sugar Coatin,” gained praise from Drop The SpotlightPlaylist Odyssey, and New Music Weekly.

Jaymellz’s latest track is poised to create a sensational summer vibe with its vibrant beats. “Wind It Up” is now available to stream and download on all digital music platforms. Follow him on Instagram @RealJaymellz and head to his website Jaymellz.com to learn more about his musical journey.