Jono Dorr Releases Inspiring EP, The Unexamined Life Part 1

Kehlani and Hayley Kiyoko Collaborator Releases Moving New EP

Los Angeles, CA – Songwriter and producer Jono Dorr has just released his new EP The Unexamined Life Part 1. The thought-provoking collection of songs examines Dorr’s own experiences with trust, freedom, and purpose. The Unexamined Life Part 1 is now available on streaming platforms worldwide.

Jono Dorr’s inspirational collection of songs on The Unexamined Life Part 1 explore his personal experiences with values he upholds in his life, “each song focuses on different moments in my life that compelled me to look inward for answers.” In its entirety, the EP recognizes the importance of understanding concepts that are core to all human relationships; “The Unexamined Life is about choosing pain over ignorance, freedom over obedience, and purpose over greed,” Jono Dorr explains. The EP opens with the incredibly powerful track “High Tide,” what starts as a piano piece breaks into an uplifting chorus with the motivational lyrics, “I went to bed, and one night I said that my life would change, cause you can’t stop the high tide from rolling in.” The second track on the EP, “Envy the Man,” focuses on the idea of an individual choosing greed and wealth over finding love and purpose in life. Whilst addressing these issues, Dorr sings the lyrics, “the soul of a boy be damned, but please try to be kind, cause he doesn’t understand,” explaining the idea that when individuals uphold more self-centered values, they often do not understand the ways in which it’s impacting their lives and relationships. Dorr explains that this upbeat track “helps me identify a quality in a man that I never want to become.” “Quiet Footsteps,” the lead single from The Unexamined Life Part 1, is a captivating song that features stunning backing vocals by Maesa Pullman. Born out of a very personal experience with broken trust, Dorr’s emotional connection with the song is felt through a compelling guitar solo. “Wanna Stay” leaves the listener with a wave of calmness washing over them, as Dorr sings lyrics about a place where all worries about the world can be escaped for a moment, “outside of the window, outside where I feel no pain I just wanna stay.” The haunting track “Boy” opens with the sound of a knock on a door, imagining a retroactive protection of the childhood self; “stay close to me child, I can see their shadows coming round.” The Unexamined Life Part 1 closes with “Today,” a song that explores leaving behind people who parasitize your life. The lyrics “ashes fallen, taste so sweet when they come from a fire that sets you free,” show that painful life events can lead to beautiful transformations.

Throughout his career, Jono Dorr helped shape and build a plethora of artists such as Hayley Kiyoko, Kehlani, Gnash, and The Neighbourhood. Dorr executive produced Kiyoko’s breakout album, Expectations. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Dorr played bass and guitar in various bands during his childhood, mainly focusing on classic rock, blues, and funk. He studied philosophy and music at UC Santa Cruz, refining his love for creating and playing music. Following a brief consideration of becoming a lawyer to make his mother proud, Dorr faced the ultimatum of either making money from music or getting a nine-to-five job. He was lucky enough to start composing for television and received the opportunity to partake in growing the careers of other talented artists, while also allowing him the time and space to focus on a solo career of his own.

The Unexamined Life Part 1 is a collection of cathartic songs that build a relationship with listeners as a result of Dorr’s personal lyrics. By addressing the importance of reflecting on life and the values we uphold as individuals, he is able to build a powerful connection with the audience. The Unexamined Life Part 1 is now available on streaming platforms worldwide; stay up to date with Jono Dorr’s new releases by following him on Instagram @JonoDorrMusic.