Jono Dorr’s New Single “Deep End” Channels Raw Emotion

Singer-Songwriter and Producer Delivers Poignant New Track

Los Angeles, CA – Singer-songwriter and producer Jono Dorr has released his new single “Deep End.” Dorr channeled his own experiences with dark emotions to create a track that is wrought with passion and intensity. “Deep End” is now available to stream and download on digital music platforms worldwide. 

Jono Dorr allows listeners to look into a darker time in his life and encourages the need to receive help when struggling in “Deep End.” The somber vocals in the song were inspired by the grief felt at the end of a relationship. “It’s about feeling like you need help. Real help from real friends when you’ve gone to the edge of your mind,” says Dorr. He creates the song’s raw energy through various sounds and other production skills he has obtained through his previous practice. “I wanted the production to feel like you’re having a nightmare at sea,” Dorr explains. “Deep End” reveals his diversity in sound; it draws from the folk genre, which is not usually incorporated in his other music. The stripped-down production creates an eeriness and urgency that is bolstered by Dorr’s fervent, yet graceful vocals. This unadulterated approach to production and lyrical content makes his music stand out amongst his singer-songwriter contemporaries.

During Jono Dorr’s career, he has contributed to launching a multitude of different artists such as Hayley Kiyoko, Kehlani, Gnash, and The Neighbourhood. He executive produced Kiyoko’s breakout album, Expectations, and his recent single “Wrong,” was added to Spotify’s coveted “Fresh Finds” playlist. Jono gained his passion for music while growing up in Los Angeles. Throughout his childhood, he played bass and guitar in many different bands. He studied philosophy and music at UC Santa Cruz, refining his love for creating and playing music. He briefly considered becoming a lawyer, but he was confronted by his unyielding passion for making music and decided to follow his dreams. He was lucky enough to start composing for television and received the opportunity to partake in growing the careers of other talented artists, while also allowing him the time and space to focus on a solo career of his own.

Jono Dorr’s compelling new single “Deep End” is a testament to his artistry and musical breadth. Download or stream “Deep End” now on digital platforms worldwide. To keep up with Jono Dorr’s journey, follow him on Instagram @JonoDorrmusic.