Josh Sallee Drops Nostalgic Single & Video, “95’ Jordan”

Rapper Reflects On The Rise Of His Journey Through Hometown Love

Oklahoma City, OK – Rapper and producer Josh Sallee has released his sentimental new single and music video, “95’ Jordan,” available to view on YouTube and stream on digital platforms worldwide. The new single transparently reflects on the ebb and flow of Sallee’s musical journey, zooming in on the emotional toll that these moments had on him.

Fueled by vulnerability, “95’ Jordan” weaves Josh Sallee’s musical development with the influence that Chicago Bulls’ great Michael Jordan had on him in his early life. Like Jordan, who stepped away from basketball to play minor league baseball as a way to grieve the death of his father, Sallee considered stepping back from his dreams despite the buzz he had begun building for himself. “It is written in reference to the year Michael Jordan retired from basketball to play baseball after his father passed away,” explains Sallee. “I had a similar experience in my career when I started going full-time into producing music. I was considering walking away from the mic and my solo career.” The track reflects the compelling tale of digging deep within and finding his motivation to pursue his love for music.

“95’ Jordan” has a dreamy melody and a sleek lyrical track that fuels the nostalgia themes within the song. Produced by Blev, this single highlights Sallee’s natural talent for rapping and storytelling with its melodic beat and silky sound. Sallee reminisces on his childhood, “the song reflects on my life early on and some of the quirky things that my hometown inspired. It’s a reflection on the journey I have had thus far and then finding that same passion for music all over again.” “95’ Jordan” dives deep into the brilliant mind of a young Sallee on his adventure to find his voice and musical confidence. The single relates to the aspiring musicians that have gone through the ups and downs of their paths to making it in the music industry.

In support of the single, Josh Sallee teamed up with director Avitiuh and cinematographer Daniel Vo to deliver an effortlessly aesthetic music video on par with the 90’s theme. Beautifully color-graded and shot with expertise, the “95’ Jordan” video takes viewers through his hometown of Oklahoma City and the impact it has left on him. Filming shots in locations he was raised in, the video is full of symbolism and representation of Sallee’s hometown and the deep memories it holds for him. With fresh outfit changes, including a reference to Jordan with a vintage jersey, candid shots of his friends, and places close to his heart, the video perfectly depicts Sallee’s journey and story with its effortless transitions and shot perspectives.

As an Oklahoma native, Josh Sallee excelled at performing naturally, thanks to his parents, who were pastors and public speakers. Sallee quickly developed an eclectic taste for music influenced by Lauryn Hill, Frank Ocean, and Outkast and discovered his freestyling talents in competitions with teammates and friends. Starting with a viral video of him rapping in Kevin Durant’s studio, the Oklahoma singer, rapper, and producer built a reputation as a staple in the state’s growing hip hop scene, creating with artists like Smoke DZA, K.A.A.N., Pell, and Bobby Raps, touring with Asher Roth, Modsun, Vic Mensa, G-Eazy, and Tory Lanez, and directing the video for K.A.A.N.’s  “Phoenix,” which collected over 6.5 million views. Most recently, Sallee was selected to be a part of Timbaland’s new digital-production venture, Beatclub. His music has gathered over 8 million streams on Spotify, has appeared on MTV’s Road Rules Challenge, and has been repeatedly spotlighted in sports circles, with the NHL Stanley Cups, Minnesota Vikings, and American Ninja Warrior all selecting his songs for their hype videos.

“95’ Jordan” is nothing short of another captivating track from Josh Sallee’s catalog. His lyrics display his hard work ethic and drive for success, a relatable motive to listeners. “95’ Jordan” is now available to stream on all digital music platforms, along with the video which is now available to watch on YouTube. To stay up to date on Josh Sallee’s journey, follow his Instagram @JoshSallee and check out his website