Josh Sallee Releases Electrifying New Single and Video, “Hollywood Hoax”

Oklahoma City, OK – Multifaceted hip-hop producer and artist Josh Sallee has just released his newest single and music video titled  “Hollywood Hoax.” Sallee offers an introspective glance into the cruel realities of getting caught up in the stereotypical lifestyle of Hollywood and having the means to pull yourself out of it. “Hollywood Hoax” is now available to stream on digital music platforms worldwide, and the video is now available to watch on YouTube.

Leading the single is a jazzy piano intro followed by a rhythmic vocal track. Josh Sallee begins telling the story of his firsthand experience with the “Hollywood Hoax.” “I packed a backpack with my laptop, headphones, mic, a coat, and the clothes I was wearing and hopped on a one-way Spirit Airlines flight to LAX,” says Sallee. “I bought a pack of white tees, boxers, and socks and stayed on my friend’s couches. I planned on never returning to Oklahoma.” A 20 something kid with a smile and big dreams moving to a place where he had meetings with people he always dreamed of seemed like a promising future until he quickly saw the light dim from his rose-colored glasses. “Los Angeles had parts of it that were amazing and that I love dearly, but Hollywood had this dark undertone,” explains Sallee. “Nearly every time I was there, I had encounters that made me not want to return.” The self-produced track breaks down the over-glamorized lifestyle of LA and reveals Sallee’s experience with the city: exhausting all his funds in a month and becoming surrounded by people that will do anything for fame. At the end of the track, Sallee incorporates a snippet of a conversation expressing his frustration and confusion about the life he was living in LA, adding a further layer of emotional honesty and intensity to the song.

Paired with the single comes a carnival of illusion visual effects representing Hollywood directed by R3X Wonders. “We talked once over Facetime, and he told me to tell him pretty much any idea I had in my head,” explains Sallee. “Some he brushed off, some he loved (like the face on the card shot).” A golden overlay with intriguing imagery grasps the viewer’s attention as Sallee embodies different aspects of a carnival. The video is full of symbolism of the inner workings of Hollywood, such as a puppet being controlled by hands and a clown with a painted-on smile. “We’ve all heard a wild conspiracy about how Hollywood is run by elites and everything is a lie and they are controlling the population,” says Sallee. “That isn’t what this is. I think that dark feeling is attributed to all the souls that have come to Hollywood expecting to make it big or rich or whatever they dreamed of, only to be met with a city that can eat you alive if you let it.” From extravagant animals to over-the-top magic tricks, the video depicts how exciting Hollywood can be, while the lyrics highlight the somber undertone.

Based out of Oklahoma, where he spent most of his life, Josh Sallee was raised by a preacher and a public speaker, which struck him with the natural gift of performing. At first, he focused this energy on sports such as golf. Through these other passions, he eventually found his way to music. Sallee quickly developed a vast and eclectic music taste and discovered his talent for freestyling in competitions with teammates on long road trips. Developing these skills throughout high school and college, he began writing original music and performing at local rap shows and immediately knew that was where his path in life must go. Sallee went on to open for some of his inspirations such as Mac Miller, Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, and many more. He recently was hand-selected to be a part of Timbaland’s new digital-production venture, Beatclub. His song “Overdrive” was a featured record during the National Hockey League’s Stanley Cup Playoffs. Sallee’s album Hush Hush debuted at #30 on the iTunes Music Charts, with songs “Pressure” featured on NBC’s American Ninja Warrior and “Sheesh” used in the promotional hype video for the Minnesota Vikings on their playoff run campaign.

“Hollywood Hoax” is a preview into his new upcoming album and is an honest narrative of the realities that come along with the glamorized lifestyle of LA. The new track and video finely display Josh Sallee as a rapper, producer, and creative force. “Hollywood Hoax” is now available to stream worldwide, with the video available to watch on YouTube. Be sure to keep up with the journey of Josh Sallee by following him on Instagram @JoshSallee or checking out his website