Josh Sallee Releases Uplifting New Single “Let Me Live My Life” ft K.A.A.N.

Oklahoma City, OK – Multitalented hip-hop artist and producer, Josh Sallee, has released his newest single, “Let Me Live My Life,” featuring K.A.A.N. The track integrates the Oklahoma City-native’s resilience from the external hardships growing up, to his newly-found confidence going forward in the music industry. “Let Me Live My Life” is available to download and stream on digital platforms worldwide.

“Let Me Live My Life” is the second collaboration between Josh Sallee and one of underground rap’s biggest stars and frequent Dr. Dre collaborator, K.A.A.N., since the release of “Awayo” in 2015.  “I met K.A.A.N. through the internet in April of 2015. I heard a random verse of his and was instantly a fan,” explains Sallee. “I reached out to him and flew him out to Oklahoma for a show and to make some music. Now he is one of my closest friends and continues to inspire me with his work talent and work ethic. He’s one of the best to ever do it.” This new collaboration transcends the artist’s story, depicting how he showcases his vigorous conviction for overcoming his external conflicts. “Whatever your goals or ambitions are, you’re going to face resistance from the outside world,” states Sallee. “Whether it’s from people close to you or in your city, or just on the internet, I think the main thing to focus on is that when you’re doing something you love and finding success, others tend to pick it apart.” In the hip-hop world of constantly following trends to fit the ever-growing audience segments, Sallee exerts his wisdom by staying true to the belief that finding peace with one’s own identity is the most essential aspect in continuing forward through life. Produced by Blev, Sallee describes the uplifting track as an oasis for his listeners to escape the cynicism of their surroundings and rejuvenate any depleted self-love as soon as the beat drops.

Josh Sallee’s vehement lyricism and versatile flows can be traced back to his days of freestyling. His hip-hop affinity stems from casually rapping around his peers, saying, “the feeling of making people laugh or be thrown off when I started rapping was infectious.” He quickly gained traction and was surrounded by great artists, opening for hip-hop icons such as Mac Miller, Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, and many more. Continuing his success, his 2016 album Hush Hush debuted at #30 on the iTunes Music Charts and was recently hand-selected to be a part of Timbaland’s new digital-production venture, Beatclub. These accomplishments further expand Sallee’s message of going out in the world and doing whatever feeds your soul without the pressures of society, fueling the conscious directive his lyrics spread. “Let Me Live My Life” captures this self-reformation of Josh Sallee’s essence by focusing on retaining his trust in himself through all the noise and clutter of doubt in today’s world.

“Let Me Live My Life” ft K.A.A.N is now available on digital music platforms worldwide. Be sure to stay up to date with Josh Sallee’s journey by following him on Instagram @JoshSallee or checking out his website