Jules Brave’s “Nothing To Talk About” Begins Sorta-Villian Era

Los Angeles, CA – Rising pop singer-songwriter Jules Brave has released their highly anticipated dance-pop single,  “Nothing To Talk About.” With its delightful blend of upbeat melodies, Billie Eilish-esque drums, and empowering lyrics, “Nothing To Talk About” marks the beginning of a compelling musical journey that reflects Brave’s personal growth as an artist overcoming a past relationship. “Nothing To Talk About” is available to stream and download worldwide.


The new single, co-produced with Jacob Seeger and Alina Smith, is a synth-dance record that instantly captivates listeners and is a force to be reckoned with that focuses on the feeling of getting fed up with being led on. “It’s basically Barbie in her standing-up-for-myself / slightly villain era,” Brave admits. This song encourages the listeners to believe in themself and gives them the power to overcome having their time wasted and the feeling of being mistreated. The song’s lyrics, I’d usually really wanna stay up right now / so tell me why I wanna hang up right now, highlights how Brave continues to grow as a person and artist alongside their listeners.


“This song includes samples that I made using voice memos on my phone and my first time beat-boxing in a song,” says Brave, about the production of the song. “I recorded the vocals in my NYC apartment during Covid, and there are 10s of vocal stacks in the bridge from my friends singing in their homes.” Experienced engineers Tony Ghantous mixed this record while William Kast co-produced, helping to create an overall crisp-sounding song. Gabi Grella, a well-known mastering engineer building a name for herself and all women engineers in the music industry, mastered the track.


Inspired by musicians such as John Mayer, Beyoncé, and Ariana Grande, Jules Brave creates sparkling indie pop anthems that resonate with audiences worldwide. Encouraged by GRAMMY award-winning popstar Meghan Trainor to pursue their own voice, Brave began writing music and quickly gained recognition from notable figures such as J Kash and Jason Evigan. Their 2021 single “If You Ever Left Me” garnered over 1.8 million streams on Spotify, with Cut It Out Magazine hailing it as “a new form of pop.” Brave has also released “I Love U-sers,” which has almost 900k streams on Spotify, and a duet version with Anthony Gargiula that has already amassed nearly 200k streams. Brave has also gained attention for their live performances, including backup vocals for Dodie at NPR’s Tiny Desk. 

Jules Brave’s success is both a product of their musical talents and their genuine connection with fans on social media. From Instagram Live sessions and karaoke performances to hilarious TikTok videos, Jules Brave has created an authentic and inclusive community through their music that fans can’t get enough of. “Nothing To Talk About” is out now for streaming and download on all digital platforms. You can learn more about Brave by joining their devoted following on Instagram and TikTok at @imJulesBrave, or by searching for her in the wild, where she are regularly spotted wearing bright-blue Beats headphones and sipping on a Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino.