Katja Glieson Dazzles With New Single “California Dream”

Los Angeles, CA  – Pop singer-songwriter and content creator Katja Glieson has released her new single and music video, “California Dream.” The track contrasts the glamorous expectation of the “California dream” with the reality of finding a way to make it under the bright lights. “California Dream” is available to download and stream on digital platforms worldwide.

“California Dream” follows themes of vulnerability and honesty about stereotypes and societal expectations found in Katja Glieson’s previously-released singles. The song, however, focuses more on the expectations of success than expectations of love. The music video emphasizes that contrast as it sets the tone of bright, fun California against the reality of glamour and style. Glieson, who wrote the song and directed the music video herself, describes “California Dream” as a manifestation of her mantra: “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.” After realizing the reality of the California lifestyle was not what it seemed, she finds what she’s really looking for in both the shine and cracks of life. Through the track’s upbeat tempo that gets listeners moving and dancing, she acknowledges that expectations can change to determine what true fulfillment looks like. Glieson credits the narrative to her inner journey of growth in her music and content creation, especially after moving from Australia to Los Angeles.

For Katja Glieson, born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, creating music and content has always been about sharing her story. She’s committed to inspiring others through the life of strength and resilience that she has achieved through her openness to being vulnerable. “I am dedicated to being a person who brings joy and light into the world,” Glieson explains. “In an industry of instant gratification, it’s important to hold creativity and storytelling.” Her music is shimmering pop, with lyrics that tell each story with unembellished vulnerability. Inspired by the honest lyrics of Carlos Santana and the diversified talents of artists like Lady Gaga and Judy Garland, Glieson shares her creativity through both music and online content creation outside of the music industry. Glieson first gained recognition for singing and acting in the popular viral video “Princess Rap Battle,” and has gone on to become a finalist for TikToker of the Year in the 2019 Shorty Awards.

Katja Glieson is an expressive singer-songwriter who showcases her authenticity through the storytelling of her music and content. Her new single “California Dream” offers an honest critique of the expectation of life under the shining lights and presents her maturity as a musician while still displaying the fun attitude that captured her younger fan base in her comedic skits. The music video for “California Dream” is available on YouTube, and the single can be streamed on digital music platforms worldwide. To stay up to date on Katja Glieson’s adventures in both music and content creation, visit KatjaGlieson.com and follow her on Instagram and TikTok at @KatjaGlieson.