Kenneth Cash is Running Out of “Patience” in New Single

AKTHESAVIOR Manages R&B Savant as He Releases New Music 

Up and coming R&B maverick Kenneth Cash has released his latest single, “Patience.”  The AKTHESAVIOR managed artist delivers a personal reflection of what it means to hit your limit of patience in a relationship. “It’s a vicious situation, one that leads to resentment and forces you to ask, ‘what’s wrong with me?’ It just made me realize there’s a fine line between being patient and enabling damaging behavior,” Cash explains. Impeccable vocals and deliberate production merge for a more than gratifying listening experience and set the stage for a breakout moment for the musician. “Patience” is available to stream on all platforms now worldwide.

Following the release of singles “In Effect” and “The Right Place,” Kenneth Cash delivers another song that demonstrates his ability to turn everyday emotional nuance into R&B hits. “Patience” is a testament to Cash’s artistry; it is entirely produced, recorded, written, and mixed by Cash himself, and effortlessly combines elements of hip hop and R&B into one mesmerizing track. His innate gift is what caught the ear of AKTHESAVIOR, who decided to take on the musical savant and manage what is lining up to be a fruitful career. “Working with Kenneth Cash has been a breath of fresh air for me; not only is he talented and super musically inclined, but he’s also a humble and kind dude as well. His music is truly undeniable,” AKTHESAVIOR says. A self-proclaimed expressionist, Cash is also an unwitting perfectionist. “Patience” underwent some critical changes before its release, “The original version that I thought I’d be releasing stayed in my notes for about two years. The song was simple and had no changes in the beat for the entirety of the track, but I had some of my most powerful vocals on top of it. So I made a live version for the song, adding beat switches and little background sounds to make it feel like it was live… I’m happy with what I’ve got. All it took was a little bit of ‘patience.’”

The Brooklyn native initially used music as a form of escape from the harsh realities of life. After his grandfather, who was also his musical inspiration,  passed away and his family moved to Dallas, Cash found himself disengaged from almost everyone and everything. He spent hours after school making beats, often staying up until the next day without realizing it. This growing obsession, along with his depression, led to further isolation. It proved to be a gift and a curse, as he was able to use his hardships in life to his advantage. Diving headfirst into creating the only art that gave him peace, he pulled inspiration from artists such as Kanye West, Tame Impala, Radiohead, Steve Lacy, Pharrell Williams, and King Krule. After years of fine-tuning what started as therapy,  Cash discovered his unique voice and style of music; the one-man show brings together the bounce and punchiness of R&B with the raw and unconventional flavor of alternative music.

“Patience” is now available on all streaming platforms worldwide. Find more of Kenneth Cash on Instagram @kenncash, and stay tuned for more music from Kenneth Cash soon.