Ladders Releases New Enigmatic Single, “Dead Rose”

Indian-American Artist Highlights The Struggles of Growing Up With Social Media

Los Angeles, CA – Alt-pop artist Ladders has just released her latest single, “Dead Rose,” an alternative pop track that addresses the challenges of maintaining a genuine personality despite being judged by society. The song’s delicate vocals allow room for the instrumental melodies to shimmer, and Ladders’ relatable message – struggling to find oneself while trying to fit in – and connect with listeners. “Dead Rose” is now available to stream and download on all digital platforms.

Ladders shares her struggles of finding her true character, attributing some of these identity issues to the dominance of social media. She explains this need to fit in the digital world, saying, “somewhere it drained me of my true energy, and I’m not what I appeared to be, so I wrote a song about it.” She expands upon this overarching narcissism in “Dead Rose,” pointing out how people are only concerned with how life looks on the surface level. Ladders mentions that social media has been a prominent focus of her life since she was 13, and this hyper fixation on the world of digital media has been bad for her mental health. Her blend of techno-pop instrumentals and passionate vocals are reminiscent of artists such as Lorde or Billie Eilish, and Ladders brings all the emotion of a vocalist like Adele. This alternative style of pop music allows room for a narrative to be told. Juxtaposing two vastly different soundscapes, Ladders smudges the lines of genre, defiantly conveying softness without seeming sentimental and embedding euphoric and atmospheric beats into “Dead Rose” without it becoming a bop. “Dead Rose” was written by Ladders and Anwoy and masters by Josh Florez. Anwoy, alongside songwriting, is a guitarist, composer, and the genius producer of this song, adding elements of pop, electronic, and jazz, breathing life into the track. This is the second song Ladders and Anwoy have worked together on, having plans for many more collaborations in the future.

Born and raised in Mumbai, India, Vrinda Padia, known musically as Ladders, has been exposed to a variety of cultures and musical styles. Her stage name ‘Ladders’ comes from her onstage personality and the desire to always be climbing upward and reaching for something greater. She started her musical training in Hindustani Classical and has since transitioned to a songwriter and a Western vocalist.  Her unique style is a blend of rich vocal tones, experimenting with electronic and indie-pop production. Using life experiences as her inspiration, Ladders’ music reflects specific times and feelings of moving from place to place over the past several years. The lyrics in her music unravel the contradictory ideas surrounding detachment, existence, and the power of melancholy.


Ladders emotional new single, Dead Rose,” is now available on streaming services worldwide. To keep up with her musical journey, follow her on Instagram @wavesandladders.