Leezy Reflects on Addiction with New Single “Cocaine Kisses”

Chicago, IL – Dream pop artist Leezy has released her newest single, “Cocaine Kisses.” Combining soft, breathy vocals and hauntingly beautiful harmonies with a melancholy bassline, the track narrates a relationship romanticized by drug use. “Cocaine Kisses” is now available to download and stream on digital music platforms worldwide.


“Cocaine Kisses” follows themes of drug-induced vulnerability found in Leezy’s previously-released singles. The track, however, focuses more on the high of the moment and the somewhat flawed link between a romantic relationship and the high of a drug. “It’s about how I used to associate a certain drug-induced experience with a person or relationship,” Leezy explains. “I was able to ignore a lot of red flags because of how good it felt to be high in the moment.” Melancholy lyrics like, “I can’t feel my heart when I’m high on you” depict Leezy’s post-rehab reflection on the seduction of addiction. She credits the song’s narrative to her own experience as a former addict who glamourized drug use. “Although it may seem like a drug can ‘make you better,’ a love affair with substances is always toxic — full of ups and downs, break-ups and make-ups,” Leezy confesses.


For Leezy, creating music has always been about sharing her story. She writes music as part of a cathartic way to recover from her experience with trauma, substance abuse, and depression, and her writing is primarily a way to heal her younger self. “My music is created out of my own personal experiences,” she explains. “Therefore, I am influenced by a young girl with lots of innocence to lose.” Leezy describes herself as an old soul with a youthful spirit, and those themes of duality are present in the way that her music explores the paradoxes of life. Provoking the feeling of stillness amidst chaos, Leezy’s music is honest and vulnerable about the realities of both addiction and healing.


Leezy is an expressive singer-songwriter who showcases her authenticity through the storytelling of her personal experiences. Her new single “Cocaine Kisses” narrates a whirlwind romance while recognizing that the relationship has been romanticized by drug use. “Cocaine Kisses” can now be streamed on digital music platforms worldwide. To keep up with Leezy’s musical journey of recovery, visit LeezyMusic.com and follow her on Instagram at @LeezyMusic69.