Leezy Releases New Single & Music Video “Sierra”

Chicago, IL – Dream pop artist Leezy has released her latest single “Sierra,” along with an accompanying music video. The track opens with a haunting beginning, focusing on Leezy’s melancholic vocals, and slowly evolves, adding heavy instrumentation to a climax. “Sierra” is now available to stream on digital music platforms worldwide.

“Sierra” conveys to listeners Leezy’s journey to healing and acceptance. The track and video focus on the highly personal phases of recovery. “I wrote this song on the piano in the cafeteria of my rehab,” confesses Leezy. “The idea behind the song sonically was that it would reflect my journey to sobriety.” The song begins with a soft piano and an emphasis on Leezy’s angelic vocals, eventually building to a rougher and edgier sonic landscape with brooding guitars. The track moves back and forth between calmness and chaos, with sonic uneasiness depicting her struggle with addiction. The song’s final moments bring stillness to listeners, representing the beginning of the healing process. The accompanying music video, directed by Yoni Azulay, showcases her journey showing the dichotomy between the darkness and the light.

Leezy has been singing for most of her life. Her childhood was spent being closely involved in the theater and the arts. She began writing when she was ten years old; everyday ramblings started to morph into songs after her mother gifted her a piano for her 16th birthday. Not too long after, Leezy moved to Chicago where she met friend and producer NEDO, who helped bring to life some of her songs that ended up becoming her debut EP, Dear Diary. Following the record’s release, Leezy received treatment for addiction, which allowed her to build confidence and self-love and gave her the clarity and the drive to fervently chase her musical dreams. Leezy’s latest release “Sierra” is an ode to her recovery center, telling the journey towards sobriety.

“Everyone has struggled with something, and everyone can relate to the feeling of wanting to get better,” explains Leezy on how listeners can relate to the track. “Sierra” is now available to stream or download on digital music platforms worldwide. The music video is available on her YouTube channel. Make sure to stay up to date with Leezy by following her Instagram @LeezyMusic69 and Tik Tok @Leezy.