Leezy’s Metanoia Is A Haunting Story of Addiction, Love, and Anger

Chicago, IL — In a haunting musical masterpiece, rising dream pop artist, Leezy, tells a beautiful story surrounding the complexity of raw human experiences with her debut album Metanoia. A perfect concoction of bold lyrics and ethereal production, Leezy creates a captivating exposition of her struggles with addiction, love, sexuality, anger, power, and more. Metanoia is now available for streaming on all platforms worldwide.

As a whole, Metanoia is an evocative compilation of some of Leezy’s most honest work. With poignant lyrics in the opening track “Run” to an intense futuristic outro in “Monsters Are Waiting,” listeners are taken through the ups and downs of Leezy’s struggles. The album also includes previously released singles “Sierra” and “Cocaine Kisses,” which were touted by MundaneLoud Women, and Wolf in a Suit. Drawing from her complex past, the album is a chilling recount of Leezy’s journey through self-exploration. Depicting her struggles with mental health following her addiction and rehabilitation, her desire for power over the opposite sex, her resentment towards the world, healing her inner child, and many more personal subjects, Leezy takes these stories in stride as the album progresses. Her songwriting boasts vivid imagery and unfiltered emotion, with lyrics like, “we paint our world the darkest shades of blue,” and “a pencil filled with poison lead, she won’t take her medicine.” Coupled with masterful production and a pure vocal that provides catharsis to the emotive melodies, Metanoia is a harmonious combination of both dreams and nightmares.

Using writing as a form of self-expression is something that Leezy has put into practice for many years. At age 16, she tried her hand at turning journal entries into song lyrics. From then on, creating music has helped this dream-pop artist cope with some of her darkest periods. She channeled her feelings into her music, drawing lyrical inspiration from artists like Elliot Smith and Portishead’s Beth Gibbons. After releasing an independent EP in early 2019, Leezy checked herself into addiction rehabilitation, which brought forth realization, self-love, and confidence – all of which led her to pursue music full-time and begin working on her debut album, Metanoia.

Metanoia accomplishes this task with Leezy’s articulative lyrics, captivating vocal tone, and dreamy instrumentals for those who want to embark on a complex emotional journey. To keep up with Leezy on her next musical endeavor, check out her website leezymusic.com, follow her on Instagram @leezymusic69 and TikTok @leezy, and stream her debut album.