Lily Lane And Sophomore (Abigail Breslin) Unleash “Woman’s Intuition”

Los Angeles, CA – Rising pop powerhouse Lily Lane has teamed up with Sophomore – the music project of Academy Award-nominated Abigail Breslin, Lane’s best friend for over a decade – to release the vibrant music video for her latest single, “Woman’s Intuition.”

The energetic and persuasive track, which gained the support of Spotify upon release, explores the depths of a woman’s intuition, lingering on its pivotal power in decision-making. As the lyrics guide the narrative, pushing back amidst opposing forces, the video highlights Lane and Breslin in the backdrop of vivid hot pink and soothing lavender hues. Breslin, donning a colorful fringe jacket and a dazzling silver skirt, and Lane, in a black and white lace-trimmed dress, shimmer in their magnetic presence.

The video, which captures the personality of real-life best friends, is energized by the duo dancing through a hypnotic lilac and vibrant pink atmosphere, seamlessly blending modernity with nostalgia. Viewers are treated to the dynamic of Lane and Breslin energetically singing along to the lyrics. Showcasing their playfulness by singing into heart-shaped lollipops to twirling with glittery pom-poms, the visualizer features a plethora of wardrobe changes, including a jaw-dropping red lace sparkly one-piece by Lane and a completely Chanel-accessorized look by Breslin, a nod to her character, Chanel #5, from Scream Queens.

Lily Lane has established herself as a formidable presence in the music industry. Having graduated with honors from NYU’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, Lane possesses exceptional singing talent and advocates for body positivity and LGBTQ representation. With a voice that combines the grit of Amy Winehouse, the range of Demi Lovato, and the soul of Alicia Keys, she is an independent artist in control of her own destiny. Her music has been featured on popular TV shows, gained recognition from influential sources, and she has headlined festivals and impressed audiences with her unmatched vocal prowess.

Lily Lane’s music has gained recognition through its inclusion on Freeform’s Pretty Little Liars and Netflix’s Get Organized, while receiving praise from influential outlets like Nylon. Lane opened for Madison Beer, Jessie J and Marina and the Diamonds at WeHo OutLoud Raising Voices Music Festival, headlined Winky Lux’s Unicorn Carnival, and has performed at historic venues including Madison Square Garden and the House of Blues while her music amassed over 700,000 streams organically in 2020.

With the release of this mesmerizing music video, Lane and Breslin are poised to captivate a global audience, firmly establishing themselves as a dynamic duo with a powerful message.

To experience the awe-inspiring visual journey of “Woman’s Intuition,” watch the video on Lane’s YouTube channel. Follow Lily Lane on Instagram at @LilyLane for updates on her latest projects.