Lisa Curtis Ignites The Music Scene With Electrifying New Single “No Rest”

Columbus, OH – Budding pop star in waiting, Lisa Curtis, has released her
intoxicating new single, “No Rest,” a captivating track that examines the depth in which isolation, desperation, and the constant struggle to catch a break impact us emotionally. Born out of the tumultuous year that was 2020, “No Rest” touches on the universal theme of loneliness amplified by the global pandemic, Lisa Curtis expands its narrative to encompass a broader spectrum of emotional challenges.

“No Rest” sets the pop music scene ablaze with its infectious melodies, raw vocal presence, and irresistible chorus. Through vocals that soar above the powerful instrumentation, the song resonates with anyone who has experienced frustrations and yearns for solace. Teaming up with her talented band, Lisa Curtis has skillfully brought this emotionally charged track to life. “No Rest” showcases a rich tapestry of raw and angsty emotions, providing listeners with a cathartic musical journey that they can connect with profoundly.

Lisa Curtis, a 19-year-old singer-songwriter hailing from Columbus, Ohio, has been making a significant impact in the music industry with her distinctive vocal style and relatable songwriting. In October 2021, she released her debut EP, Too Hard For You, which garnered immense praise and firmly established her as a talented and promising artist. Building upon her early success, Curtis continued to make strides in 2022 by
releasing singles such as “Hand Me Down” and “Gasp of Air,” accumulating over 2 million streams to date. Her exceptional talent even caught the attention of key figures in Nashville’s music scene, including Pat McMakin, the esteemed manager of Ocean Way
Studios, who swiftly recognized Curtis’ potential and joined as a co-producer for her latest releases. Grammy-winning producer Matt Leigh (Willie Nelson) also joined Curtis, providing his expertise to bring her artistic vision to life. With her powerful vocals, introspective lyrics, and unwavering passion, Lisa Curtis stands as a formidable presence in the realm of pop music.

Lisa Curtis’ dedication to authenticity and her ability to craft lyrics that delve into the depths of the human experience have garnered her a devoted following. Her latest single, “No Rest,” is a testament to her artistic growth and her unwavering commitment to baring her soul through her music. Listeners can look forward to experiencing the raw and uninhibited new track. For more about Lisa Curtis, follow her on Instagram
@LisaLCurtis and visit her website