Little Galaxies Releases Multi-Dimensional Listening Experience

Venice Beach, CA –– Little Galaxies has released their vibrant new album One with the Waking Sea, available to stream and download everywhere now. With unique instrument manipulation, emotive themes, and graceful lyricism, One with the Waking Sea is sure to entice any individual or crowd. The 10-song LP is being released on Coconut Spaceship Records.

Little Galaxies describes One with the Waking Sea as being inspired by “the turbulence of life,” just as the ocean is constantly moving and changing. “The album explores central themes like accepting fate, getting closer to what brings us joy, and learning how to co-exist in an ever-changing world that can throw us into the trenches at any moment,” explains lead singer Jeanna Fournier when describing how she translated her trauma to song.

The opening track, “Find Yourself in Orbit,” welcomes the sound of an ocean with crashing waves overcome by an ominous drone of a theremin, as if it is disrupting the calm ambiance. This sets up the overall tone for the entire album. The next track, “Waking Sea,” carries themes of both balance and uncertainty, inspired by the PTSD Fournier has experienced after a life-altering car wreck and her journey to acceptance. Adding to the intimate emotion in the song, Ken Oak brings on comforting cello alongside Phoebe Silva on the violin. These delicate and soulful instruments add to the deep-seated listening experience. Other songs to note are “Fate” and “It’s Natural,” which both carry motifs of accepting destiny and change. The listener is drawn in to appreciate the more profound meaning Little Galaxies conveys with Fournier’s powerful, soulful vocals accompanying mesmerizing instrumentation.

One with the Waking Sea was produced and recorded by Sejo Navajas at 4th Street Recording Studio in Santa Monica, mixed by Andreas Sandnes, and mastered by Evren Goknar at Capitol Studios. Fournier and Eshraghi also co-produced the record. The band used a wide array of effects pedals to make their stringed instruments sound like an electronic synth on some tracks. “No software samples or keyboards were used for any textures or parts,” notes co-producer and guitarist Amir Eshraghi. “If something sounds like a keyboard or bass synth, it’s actually a guitar or bass played through effect pedals in the studio, but some listeners are convinced they’re hearing electronic elements, which is actually a compliment.” This technique tricks the listener into having an immersive electronic music listening experience, but when they catch on to the origin of mostly analog instrumentation, a new organic and down-to-earth sound can be appreciated. This, coupled with the seamless blend of Fournier’s vocals, allows genuine appreciation for the technique and musical styling put into the album.

The ocean theme of this album can be attributed to the band’s origins in Venice Beach, California, where Fournier and Eshraghi co-founded the band in 2013, with bassist Andreas Sandnes and drummer Lucas Crouch joining in recent years. Since their formation, Little Galaxies has released an album titled Patterns, a handful of singles, and have toured up and down the West Coast performing at festivals. Their persistence and success have landed them several features in notable publications such as Earmilk, Buzzbands LA, OC Weekly, Music Connection Magazine, Bay Bridged, and The Deli Magazine. The group has also received a lot of SoCal radio support. DJ Jose Galvan has been spinning “Out in Control” on KCRW and “Waking Sea” on Amazing Radio. “Waking Sea” is also in rotation on several shows at LA’s KCSN 88.5FM and it was selected by world-renowned DJ and tastemaker Nic Harcourt as his “Fresh Squeezed Track of the Day” in July. The single was featured by Byron Gonzalez on Latin Alt Radio, and the Witching Hours on KXLU 89.9FM.

Little Galaxies’ poignant collection of songs, One with the Waking Sea, is available now to download or stream on all digital music platforms. Follow their Instagram @LittleGalaxies or visit