Lizzy and the Palm Opens Up About Self-Acceptance in Vulnerable Ballad

Los Angeles, CA – Bated breathe anti-folk singer Lizzy and the Palm has released the pensive new single “Honest Song.” The wistful track opens Lizzy up to listeners in a new way by wandering through her labyrinthine mind and exposing the vulnerability and internal struggle she experiences in the spotlight. “Honest Song” is available for streaming now on all digital platforms.

Backed by an understated piano melody and Lizzy’s raw vocals, “Honest Song’s” storytelling and gut-wrenching lyrics focus on the desire to be yourself while battling the fear that you will be abandoned if people figure out who you truly are. The song’s beautiful arrangement pulls listeners closer to Lizzy and towards her world of insecurities as she sings, “Only God knows the truth, I’d never show it, I would be alone for good.” “Honest Song” was recorded and produced by Adam Castilla of The Colourist.

Lizzy has always been one to search for the deeper meaning of life, especially after coming to terms with her grief after the loss of her mother. Like her previous single, the wry and earnest debut ballad, “Feelings,” – which you can watch the video for here – that uses her quiet vulnerabilities and introspective approach to human emotion to mirror the subtle nuances of love’s tender complexities, “Honest Song” continues to carve a place for Lizzy’s voice and place in the world, while highlighting her ability to use sincerity as a superpower.

Lizzy has always been in touch with her creative roots as she was born to an American musical theater composer for a father and a French choreographer for a mother. Her warm, compassionate tone allows Lizzy and the Palm’s music to resonate with all generations as her sound transcends genre.

Lizzy and the Palm earned her stage name from the likes of her mother, Marie de la Palme to whom she dedicated her musical journey. After finishing her schooling, she found a home in Berlin, surrounded by like-minded creatives. Splitting her time between Berlin and Southern California has allowed Lizzy to find a voice in multiple communities and connect with a global audience.

Listen to “Honest Song” on all streaming platforms now. Follow Lizzy and the Palm on Spotify to be notified about new releases and keep up with her unique journey by visiting her Instagram at @LizzyandthePalm.