Lulise Brings the Summer Sizzle with New Song, “Taken”

R&B-Pop Artist Allows Herself to be Vulnerable On New Single

Los Angeles, CA – Lulise follows her recent single, “Read My Hips,” a song that exudes confidence and class, with “Taken,” a personal romantic monologue.  With jazz-infused piano progressions and tight bass lines, Lulise channels 90’s R&B right from the second you press play.  Crystal clear harmonies, rustic horns and sleek production set the framework for the buoyant summer hit. “Taken” is now available to download and stream across digital music platforms worldwide.

The 90’s R&B aesthetic was specifically chosen for this single, “Taken.”  Lulise explains that her vision for the song was to bring a “classic R&B feel to a new school audience by incorporating a catchy hook that you can’t get out of your head.”  As much as it is catchy, “Taken” was born out of personal romantic conflicts.  Lulise has experienced situations where she has had one-sided romantic feelings for someone, a feeling that resonates with many, and is bound to strike a chord with a wide range of listeners.  Unrequited love is not a modern-day problem; it exists as an inevitable conflict in human nature.

Lulise has been developing her old soul from a young age.   The inundation of R&B legends, such as Stevie Wonder and Donny Hathaway, into her universe only added more gasoline to the fire of musical notes and melodies burning inside of her.  Even her stage name, which was inspired by the Spanish word for moon, “Luna,” holds a profound significance rooted in her desire to draw the moon’s “light, beauty, and natural power,” into her womanhood.

Produced by Pretty Sister (Superfruit, Betty Who) “Taken” is the type of single that you’ll want to listen to more than once.  The familiarity of the music catches your ears instantly, but the more you explore the articulated depths hidden behind the lyrics, the more heightened your senses become.  Stream or download the track on digital music platforms worldwide.

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