Lunatic High Releases Lust Filled Single “Area 69”

Baltimore, MD – Lunatic High has released their new single, “Area 69,” which explores the dynamics and destruction of a physical-only relationship. The song is available to stream and download on all music platforms now.

Highlighting the feelings of desperation and regret experienced by the narrator’s partner, the sexually charged lyrics of “Area 69” justify the continuance of the encounters, counter-arguing that the emotional toll of their decision never stops them from returning for more. Led by the powerful vocals of Natalia Borges De Oliveira, the pop-punk meets metal fusion band boldly declares this single as “their sex song.” The explosive single joins “Paper Roses,” a song that delves into the painful frustration and upheaval caused by a toxic and flawed relationship and explores the raw reality of how dysfunction can create a crash-and-burn effect, and “Paralyzed,” which is told from the perspective of a tenacious woman fighting to free herself from a degrading and abusive relationship, as deeply emotional songs, able to showcases the band’s ability to capture the complexities of human relationships and emotions in their music.

While each single is bathed in bombastic guitar riffs and pulse-pounding percussion that rests comfortably under thunderous and relentless vocals, Lunatic High is more than just the uncaged anguish the track exemplifies. Armed with a name referencing Final Fantasy’s Red XIII the sandpaper-coarse, moshpit-ready five-piece of Oliveira, Rob Amarant, Ryan Love, Daniel Scarritt, and Daniel Bonnet is built on the cornerstones of pop-punk personality. Both impassioned champions of the generation’s expectation just to endure crisis after crisis and be ostracized for mental health issues, as well as being jovial disrupters that embody the 90s wrestling stable nWo’s attitude, Lunatic High exists as a cohesive smug unit spawned to make music “guaranteed to punch your ears in the face.”

Listen to “Area 69” now on all music platforms and learn more about Lunatic High by following them on TikTok at @Lunatic.High, or Twitter at @LunaticHighBand, where you can marvel at their steadfast loyalty to Indianapolis Colts’ quarterback Gardner Minshew.