LX Delivers Touching New Single “Naked Truth”

Pop Artist Takes Listeners on a Journey of Self-Discovery After a Detrimental Relationship

Las Vegas, NV — Pop singer-songwriter LX has just released her newest single, “Naked Truth.” Just like the song’s title, LX’s latest track brims with unapologetic honesty and deep introspection, describing the truths of a toxic relationship while discovering yourself along the way. A playful yet subtle electronic-pop melody accompanies the relatable and heartening lyrics. “Naked Truth” is now available to stream and download on digital music platforms worldwide.

Relationships can be a turbulent journey, especially when it involves someone toxic, but it can also be an open door for self-love and self-actualization. LX not only brings to light the crude reality behind getting out of a destructive relationship, but she also celebrates the personal achievement of being able to end that relationship. “Naked Truth” exposes the depth of feeling helpless, lost, scared, and confused, letting listeners know they’re not alone. Her dynamic, expansive vocals shift from delicate, soft low tones to high skyward tones, transcending the lyrics to the public. “I want my music to make an impact and inspire people, especially young girls so that they can be strong and independent,” LX explains. With subtle chirps of electric guitar, strong drum drops, and soothing vocals flirting with pain, LX delivers this emotionally raw song. “Naked Truth” leaves crowds begging for the music never to end.

Born Lexy Bradford, LX writes or co-writes all her songs. As a pop artist  her vocal tone is clean and clear with sprinkles of R&B riffs laid on top of modern-day electro beats. She arranges and sings tight harmonies creating a lush and ethereal background that envelops her lead. LX pulls her inspiration from a wide range of musical icons. She embodies the incredible performances, amazing visuals of Bruno Mars; the fashion style of Gwen Stefani; anthemic songs with killer harmonies similar to Queen; and electrifying the women-empowerment messaging of Beyonce.

LX performed at the 2017 Latin GRAMMYs® with Luis Fonsi and Diplo, and has shared the stage with many other major label artists. Even as a performer dreaming of sold-out stadiums, having fans relate to her and feel inspired by the music is always her driving force.

“My life was forever changed when at 9 years old an accident left me with an ugly facial scar. Through the shame and trauma from countless years of embarrassment and bullying, I ultimately discovered self-love, confidence, and an appreciation for natural beauty. As a role model for young women, I strive to help them achieve the same.” – LX

Download or stream LX’s latest single, “Naked Truth” now on digital platforms worldwide. You can also follow LX’s further adventures on her socials at @life.of.lx or visit LifeOfLX.com.