MaddBayy Releases Compassionate New Single “Don’t Go”

Los Angeles, CA – MaddBayy has just released their latest track, “Don’t Go,” an earnest tune about finding true love and making it last. With catchy beats and emotive lyrics, “Don’t Go” is a pop record that is an infectious celebration of the love someone expresses for someone else and the profound power of human connection. “This song is a tribute to the power of human connection and the need for intimacy in a world that often feels disconnected,” says the duo. Don’t Go” is available to stream on digital music platforms worldwide.


This dynamic pop duo, comprised of Niraj Patel and Nav Ramasamy, have poured their hearts and souls into this track, producing, writing, mixing, and mastering it themselves. Their unique sound, which combines their collective influences ranging from Bollywood and old Indian music to 70s and 80s pop, is fused with modern elements to make the song stand out. Fusing heartfelt lyrics with sleek vocals and a pulsing beat, “Don’t Go” wraps listeners up in a warm embrace, feeding that human relation we yearn for. “Right where we are is where we find true love, and it’s in the staying that we make it last,” says MaddBayy. “’Don’t Go’ is a song that celebrates the power of connection, reminding us that love is not just a fleeting feeling, but a deliberate choice to be present and committed to one another.” The track is a tribute to the power of love and the importance of staying committed to one another.


Both Niraj Patel and Nav Ramasamy coin their upbringing as a major creative influence in their sound and the music they surrounded themselves with. Patel’s childhood in the vibrant city of Los Angeles fueled his passion for music, which he used as an escape from a young age, while Ramasamy’s grandfather’s love for music and his family’s diverse musical tastes played a pivotal role in shaping his unique sound. Blending various genres where EDM meets R&B, electro-kissed pop, and Bollywood marries Hollywood, they have made a name for themselves as a duo while still letting their individuality shine. Being complete opposites, the duo thrive on meshing their personalities together to create their Inimitable brand of what they call “MADDNESS.” Their collaboration on the song “Jaane Kaise” with Recroit gained praise from Rolling Stone India, making them a global name to look out for.


MaddBayy reminds us to find a love worth fighting for and hold onto the intimacy of a sincere connection in a misunderstood world. “Don’t Go” is available now on streaming platforms worldwide. Stay up to date with their music journey, by following their Instagram @MaddBayy.