MaddBayy Releases Romantic New Single “Tu Hi Meri Jaan (Need You Here)”

Los Angeles, CA – Multifaceted duo MaddBayy has released their latest track, “Tu Hi Meri Jaan (Need You Here)” a mesmerizing composition that encapsulates the essence of true love. The duo’s signature fusion of Eastern and Western sounds creates an entrancing experience that resonates with listeners worldwide. “Tu Hi Meri Jaan (Need You Here)” is available to stream on digital platforms.

“Tu Hi Meri Jaan” is an infamous Hindi phrase that translates to “You are my life” or “You are my beloved.” MaddBayy, composed of Niraj Patel and Nav Ramasamy, harnesses this profound cultural expression to enter the indescribable sensation of love and the quest to find the ideal means to convey it. With the single sung in both Hindi and English, they adeptly capture diverse love stories through their innovative blend of Bollywood and pop. The harmonious combination of acoustic melodies and ethereal vocals assists in the storytelling of a beautiful connection between two people in love. “Have you ever loved someone so much but didn’t know how to express it or how to tell them?” asks the duo. “This is the perfect way of telling someone how you feel about them.” “Tu Hi Meri Jaan (Need You Here)” provides a glimpse of how MaddBayy’s groundbreaking sound fosters meaningful human connections across unexpected boundaries. Their musical exploration transcends language and cultural barriers, creating a powerful bridge that bonds people together through the universal language of music.

Both Niraj Patel and Nav Ramasamy draw significant creative inspiration from their upbringing, shaping their unique sound. Growing up in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, Patel used music as an escape which allowed him to develop a passion for music ignited early on in his life. On the other hand, Ramasamy’s grandfather’s love for music and his family’s diverse musical tastes played a pivotal role in shaping his distinct sound. Blending genres encompassing EDM, R&B, electro-kissed pop, and “the marriage” of Bollywood and Hollywood, they have established themselves as a duo while allowing their individuality to shine. Despite being complete opposites, they thrive on blending their personalities to create their unparalleled brand known as “MADDNESS.” Their collaboration on the track “Jaane Kaise” with Recroit garnered acclaim from Rolling Stone India, and their latest release “Don’t Go” was championed by Music On The RoxDrop The Spotlight, and Zone Nights.

MaddBayy perfectly captures a love story with its captivating blend of heartfelt lyrics, innovative sounds, and a genuine celebration of love and human connections. “Tu Hi Meri Jaan (Need You Here)” is now available to stream and download. Stay connected to their musical journey by following them on Instagram @MaddBayy.