Maddox Lim Releases Invigorating And Gentle New Single “Pick You Up”

Tween Pop-Rock Singer Opens Up In Dynamic and Tender Track

Los Angeles, CA – Budding Asian-American pop-rock powerhouse Maddox Lim has released his new single “Pick You Up,” a gripping pop-rock track about building mutual trust and letting go of solitude. “Pick You Up” is now available to stream and download on platforms worldwide.

At a meeting point between upbeat, delicate, and nostalgic, “Pick You Up” conveys the assurance and trust of being able to rely on someone through dark times and knowing that they have your back regardless of the circumstances. “It’s hard to watch those you care about be sad and in pain,” explains Lim. “I wanted to write a song to lift their spirits and let them know that no matter what happens, I will always be there for them and that things will eventually get better.”

The result is a refreshing track, both energetic and contemplative in its instrumental buildup resembling 80s pop-rock ballads that Maddox Lim grew up hearing. “Pick You Up” is characterized by Lim’s distinctive melancholic twang, one which denotes a maturity well beyond his years. His authentic performance and lyrics infuse the song with dynamic youthfulness, culminating with the tender chorus, “you’re not alone because I’m here, I’ll make your worries disappear.” The track was written by Lim and produced by Bernard Yagee.

“Pick You Up” is Maddox Lim’s second release since he embarked on a promising solo project. The tween singer-songwriter had previously become known for his performance as the lead singer of the indie band Rooted – where he cultivated the 80s pop-rock-inspired melodies and influences he brings to the track. As his music unlocks a refreshing openness to expressing emotions and caring about others, Lim is redefining the act of spreading positivity through candidness; his first release, “Hollow Dreams,” set out to do so through powerful and captivating melodies through which the young performer opened up emotionally.

Intricately delicate, bold, and lively, “Pick You Up” finds its power through gentleness and youthful vitality. As the track constitutes a brilliant second stepping stone for Maddox Lim, the emerging artist sets out on a flourishing musical journey that will delight listeners. Stream “Pick You Up” everyone now and follow his Instagram, @_maddox.lim.