Malachy Tuohy Releases Comforting Debut Solo Single “Most Of The Time”

Dublin, Ireland – Folk-rock artist Malachy Tuohy has released his debut solo single, “Most Of The Time,” a wholesome, uplifting tune that reflects on the complexity of expressing our emotions, embracing our insecurities, and navigating life’s ups and downs. Known for his work in the Irish band The Riptide Movement, Tuohy has shared the track ahead of his upcoming debut solo album, I Cross This Universe, set for release later this year. “Most Of The Time” is now available to stream and download on all digital platforms.

Fusing a breezy, comforting melody with harmonious vocals, the track shines through its homey rhythms, delighting the indie-rock and folk influences with an innate gentleness. “Most Of The Time” features the sweetness and care of a conversation between friends on a hazy summer afternoon, heartfelt advice, and intimate sharing. Tuohy speaks on the bittersweet loneliness emerging from misunderstandings and allows himself to go with the flow, embracing it as part of life experiences.

Rather than trying to construct and maintain a picture-perfect life and adapting our emotions accordingly, “Most Of The Time” reminds us that living in a state of constriction and anxiety cannot serve us in the long run. The track is an anthem for embracing life as it is with its constantly erratic, shifting, complex states, and knowing that we are not alone in these contrasting feelings and struggles. “It’s a song for anyone that feels this way and to emphasize that you’re not alone; it’s all part of the human experience; we don’t always have to have everything figured out all the time,” comments Tuohy.

Known for his down-to-earth songwriting, soulful vocals, and musical versatility, Malachy Tuohy is set to stand out for his authenticity and commitment to a vivid, poignant narration. As songwriter and vocalist of the Irish band The Riptide Movement, Tuohy has earned international recognition and acclaim, including a gold-selling, number 1 album, with hit songs such as “All Works Out” and “Elephant in the Room.” “Most Of The Time” is the first single off Malachy Tuohy’s upcoming debut solo album I Cross The Universe, a genre-bending journey whose storytelling and musicality produce a stunning performance of love, loss, hope, grief, and new beginnings. With exceptional production by Gavin Glass and special guest performances from Albert Lee, Moya Brennan, Rachel Grace, Beth McNinch, and Paul Brennan, I Cross This Universe sets out to be a defining album from an impressive songwriter and performer.

Letting himself go with the flow and embracing changes and difficult emotions in their complexity, Malachy Tuohy’s performance in “Most Of The Time” is breezy, reassuring, and comforting – sure to accompany listeners in feeling less alone through the everyday emotional hustle and bustle. You can follow Malachy Tuohy on Instagram (@Malachy_Tuohy) and Spotify to keep up with his musical journey.