Maya Donovan Drops Candid New Single “We Should Get Dinner”

Brooklyn, NY – Rising singer-songwriter Maya Donovan has just released her latest single, “We Should Get Dinner.” The single perfectly captures the heart-wrenching experience of holding onto an unreciprocated relationship. Deeply relatable, “We Should Get Dinner” invites the listener to find safety within the lyrics. Maya Donavan possesses a unique aptitude for capturing the poignant and challenging moments of life within her music, providing an unwavering sense of authenticity, compassion, and wit. Donovan’s voice resonates with both power and precision, drawing you into her world of music and holding you captive there. “We Should Get Dinner” is now available to stream on all digital music platforms worldwide.

With fearless honesty and self-aware vocals, “We Should Get Dinner” evokes raw emotion that will stop you in your tracks. Backed by rich vocal harmonies, Donovan’s light and alluring musical melody strikingly contrasts with her cutting lyrics. Her vocals are smooth and mesmerizing, with a tone that is reminiscent of genres such as jazz, folk, soul, and pop. The title, “We Should Get Dinner,” is as ironic as it is sincere. Moreover, it depicts the painful process of yearning for a fading relationship. “I wrote this song while watching a lot of my friendships change after graduating from college and moving back to Brooklyn, where I grew up. In our world of social media and cell phones, we are never more than a couple clicks away from communicating with each other, which creates a particular sting when you do end up losing touch with people you care about,” she reveals. Ultimately, the song builds to a sense of urgency, providing a clear climax in the story. Donovan shamelessly sings, “if you want me you know where I’ll be / I still want you if you would just want me.” Her lyrics leave the listener with a sense of comfort in their candid portrayal of such a familiar kind of heartache.

Almost as early as Maya Donovan could talk, she was writing little tunes to express her innermost feelings. When she was 7, she began learning piano which gave her a faithful companion to fully realize the melodies that had floated in her head for years. The first song she wrote while accompanying herself on piano, at just 11 years old, discussed “[her] agonizing, unrequited love for a classmate.” Since her earliest days as a songwriter, Donovan has used the tumult of her internal world as a driving force for her music. Growing up in a family of esteemed creatives such as Academy Award-winning documentary filmmaker Vanessa Roth, and screenwriter Eric Roth, she developed a relentless love and enduring drive for her craft. Donovan went on to become a graduate of New York City’s reputable LaGuardia High School for Performing Arts, also known as the “Fame School.” Donovan has continued to masterfully utilize songwriting to chronicle her battles with anxiety and her constant re-discovery of herself through adolescence and young adulthood. While the vulnerable experiences she shares can carry heavy weight, she approaches them with genuine originality and subtle humor. To enjoy Maya Donovan’s charismatic presence live, you can find her as a resident artist at the Bitter End in Greenwich Village, which has been graced by some of her biggest musical influences, such as Carole King, Billy Joel, and Lady Gaga. Additional inspiration for her art comes from fellow contemporary singer-songwriters such as Fiona Apple, Sara Bareilles, and Madison Cunningham.

“We Should Get Dinner” gives listeners a safe space to acknowledge an unrequited love they are longing for and offers an empathetic yet uninhibited freedom in which to embrace thoughts and feelings that can be hard to say out loud. Her innate ability to express the nuances of the human experience sets Maya Donavan apart, cementing her place as a true talent to watch in the world of music. “We Should Get Dinner” is now available for streaming and download on all digital music platforms worldwide. Keep up with Maya Donovan’s musical journey and future releases by following her on Instagram @MayaDonovanMusic, TikTok @MayaDonovan and visit her website: