Maya Donovan Releases Confessional Single “The Company,” Shares Birthday Girl EP

Brooklyn, NY – Singer-songwriter Maya Donovan has released her new single, “The Company,” an energetic, yet ominous portrait of Donovan’s lifelong battle with anxiety. Exploring a more acoustic environment than her previous releases, Maya Donovan invites her listeners to bear witness to an internal dialogue that is both deeply personal and strikingly familiar to anyone who has struggled to quiet a racing, worried mind. The release of “The Company” completes Donovan’s 3-track EP, Birthday Girl, which includes 2 other singles from Donovan earlier this year. “Each song on this EP captures a really unique moment of the last few years of my life and I’m excited to finally be able to put them in a little package and share them with the world,” she reveals. “The Company”, and Birthday Girl, are now available to stream and download on all digital music platforms.

Written primarily in second person, Donovan uses “The Company” to address her anxiety directly, as if speaking to an old friend. Through frank lyrics, she lays bare the constant turmoil of being caught in a state of limbo, unsure if the symptoms she experiences are a result of her thoughts or a genuine illness. The song title cleverly invokes a double meaning, citing the unexpected sense of companionship Donovan finds in her anxiety, while also suggesting something more insidious. Donovan explains, “anxiety sometimes feels like it’s being orchestrated by this sinister network that I’m always trying to outsmart, a ‘company’ if you will, with a conspiracy to overthrow me from my own body.” Despite its serious subject matter, the track has a playful spirit, as Donovan’s buttery vocals glide across faithful strums of acoustic guitar and rolling chords on a warm acoustic piano. It features glittery, bell-like flourishes that feel almost childlike, eliciting the sense that this dialogue is one that goes back decades, or perhaps underscoring Donovan’s feeling that she is being toyed with by the likes of fun-house mirrors. “The Company” was written by Maya Donovan, produced by Gabriel Leeman, and mastered by Kurt Dimmick. The track was recorded at Virtue & Vice Studios by Anthony Gallo.

Maya Donovan’s artistic journey began at a young age, expressing her emotions through little tunes. Learning piano at seven, she mastered bringing her melodies to life. Drawing from her innermost thoughts, she creates heartfelt songs, chronicling her struggles with mental health and self-discovery. Having graduated from the prestigious LaGuardia High School for Performing Arts in New York City, also known as the “Fame School,” Donovan’s prowess continued to blossom. Catch her charismatic performances at the Bitter End in Greenwich Village, influenced by greats like Carole King, Billy Joel, and Lady Gaga. Inspired by contemporary singer-songwriters like Fiona Apple, Sara Bareilles, Madison Cunningham, and Julia Jacklin, she forges a unique path in music.

Through “The Company,” she crafts a powerful story that will resonate with anyone who has struggled with their mental health. With each note, she weaves a mesmerizing tapestry of vulnerability and strength, making her a true force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Maya Donovan’s songwriting career has taken a leap forward with the release of her latest masterpiece, “The Company,” and her Birthday Girl EP, now available for streaming and download on all digital music platforms across the globe. Don’t miss out on the incredible talent of Maya Donovan – follow her on Instagram @MayaDonovanMusic, TikTok @MayaDonovan, and stay updated on her future releases by visiting her website