Maya Donovan Unveils Introspective New Single “Lenox”

Brooklyn, NY – Following the successful release of her latest song, “We Should Get Dinner,” introspective singer-songwriter Maya Donovan has announced the next chapter with her follow-up single, “Lenox.” Named after a small town in Massachusetts, this sweeping ballad recounts Donovan’s experiences of the weekend her sister went into long-term residential treatment for PTSD. Donovan’s newest addition to the field of immersive production and tender vocals, “Lenox,” is now available to stream and download.

Through intricately layered synths, rich bass lines, and walls of buttery vocal harmonies, “Lenox” establishes a deceptively soothing environment for Donovan to tell a story of profound heartache. The song is deeply internal, depicting Donovan’s struggle to find comfort in the wake of saying goodbye to a loved one. Donovan also turns the lens to the world around her, as she aims to understand how we all wear, exploit, and conceal our own pain. “At its core, the song is about trauma,” she says. “It’s about watching someone close to me suffer immensely and feeling helpless in the face of her pain.” Maya’s contained, yet resounding delivery of soaring melodic lines evokes the likes of Joni Mitchell. “Lenox” was written by Maya Donovan, produced by Maya Donovan and Gabriel Leeman, and mastered by Kurt Dimmick.

Since almost as early as she could talk, Maya Donovan has been writing tunes to express her innermost feelings. From the age of seven, she has been progressing her skills in piano, a faithful companion necessary to fully realize the melodies that have always floated in her head. Since her earliest days as a songwriter, Donovan has used the tumult of her inner world as a driving force for her music. Her experiences growing up alongside filmmaker Vanessa Roth and screenwriter Eric Roth; as well as her education in NYC’s reputable LaGuardia High School for Performing Arts, grants her the endless passion for her craft and creative ability needed to succeed in the music world. Donovan continues to utilize songwriting to chronicle her battles with anxiety and her constant re-discovery of herself through adolescence and young adulthood. To enjoy Maya Donovan’s charismatic presence live, you can find her as a resident artist at the Bitter End in Greenwich Village, which has been graced by some of her biggest musical influences, such as Carole King, Billy Joel, and Lady Gaga. Additional inspiration for her art comes from fellow contemporary singer-songwriters such as Fiona Apple, Sara Bareilles, Madison Cunningham, and Julia Jacklin.

“Lenox” is a lightly pulsing and deeply personal listening experience. Maya Donovan’s heartfelt realizations complement the consistently safe environment she creates across her music. While the vulnerable experiences she shares can carry heavy weight, she approaches them with genuine originality and subtle humor. “Lenox” is now available for streaming and download on all digital music platforms worldwide. Keep up with Maya Donovan’s musical journey and future releases by following her on Instagram @MayaDonovanMusic.