me&you Release Wistful Country-Folk Ballad “S.O.L.”

Rising Singer-Songwriter Siblings Offer Down-to-Earth and Melancholic New Single

Los Angeles, CA – me&you, formed of siblings Connor and Karlee Hormell, have released “S.O.L.”, a country-folk slow-burner lamenting the bad timing of a relationship. The single is now available for download and streaming on digital platforms worldwide.

“S.O.L.” is about the frustration of wanting something you can’t have, of wanting love to work out, but circumstances getting in the way. The title is an abbreviation of a prominent lyric in the song: “shit outta luck.” However, abbreviating the lyric for the title doesn’t feel like an attempt to conceal profanity. Rather, it dissolves the vulgarity of the phrase into something more longing and gentle, the same way the Hormell siblings do when they sing the phrase in soft unison. This kind of Americana sincerity is a staple of the band, who never feel out of place embracing it in both their lyrics and the authentic banter they exchange in their live performances. Musically, “S.O.L.” is another one of me&you’s tributes to classic folk and country balladry. Connor Hormell’s delicate singing and acoustic guitar introduce the track, met in the second verse by Karlee Hormell’s piano embellishments and mournful vocals. The arrangement progressively grows to include the duo’s touring band members: Alex Timmons’ patient bass, Brian Simmons’ easygoing triple meter drumbeat and Ben Simmons’ electric rhythm guitar.

“My brother and I always tell each other: all we have is me and you,” explains Karlee Hormell with regards to the band name. Their parents supported their interest in music from a young age, encouraging lessons and new instruments around the house, as the duo jammed on anything from guitar and drums to piano and saxophone. In time, these jams turned into tinkering with songwriting, recording and performing, and evolved into actively pursuing a music career together. When Karlee moved to Los Angeles to study music and work in the music industry, Connor stayed in Sacramento and continued to develop as an artist and producer. Despite the distance, the siblings worked on music remotely each day sending each other ideas and taking turns traveling to each other’s cities to play shows. The duo’s mutual passion for songwriting led them to a month-long campervan trip to New Zealand with a guitar and an overflow of ideas. Returning from the trip, they had enough songs for their debut EP, Chasing Trails (2018). Soon enough, me&you was opening for legendary names in country, folk and indie – backed by their live band that they affectionately call a “family band” due to their drummer and guitarist also being siblings. Now with a headlining tour under their belt as well, the duo is preparing for the release of their new album and an official showcase at the famous South by Southwest festival.

With “S.O.L.”, me&you prove to be a uniquely charming new act in the world of folk and country, making waves with not only quality music, but an unpretentious, genuine demeanor. The single is now available for download and streaming on digital platforms worldwide. You can follow me&you on