Misha Fair Explodes Onto The Country Music Scene With “Not One”

Charlotte, NC – Rising star Misha Fair has released her latest single, “Not One.” The fast-paced and lyrically driven country song is a powerful celebration of positivity, empowerment, and resilience. With its infectious rhythm and Misha’s authentic country flair, “Not One” is set to become the ultimate summer anthem. “Not One” is available to stream and download worldwide.

“‘Not One’ is my empowerment mantra,” explains Fair. “Who’s gonna stand in my way or tell me I can’t do the things I’m destined for? Not One.” The song’s uplifting and empowering lyrics, highlighted by the line, “who’s gonna dim this light of mine, not one,” serve as a rallying cry for strength and self-belief and display Fair’s tenacity. She uses the compelling narrative of “Not One” to employ her trademark audacious technique of storytelling, masterfully probing the shadowy corners where life’s trials lay in wait. Yet, instead of diverting, she stands steadfast, tackling them head-on with an indomitable resolve that trembles the very fabric of adversity.

With her signature vocal prowess, Misha Fair effortlessly combines classic country charm with a contemporary twist in “Not One.” The song’s intense rhythm and addicting beat will have audiences tapping their feet and singing along from the very first note, while Fair’s heartfelt delivery and authenticity create a magnetic connection with listeners.

Produced by the talented Paul Moak and engineered by Zack Zinck, with invaluable assistance from Brendon Hapgood and Samuel Hayes, the track showcases Fair’s dynamic vocals and lyrics. “Not One” began as a cool acapella demo recorded during the pandemic. She recognized the anthemic potential and the infectious energy in her cadence and lyrics, and a determined search for the perfect producer led her to a hidden gem in Nashville. With Paul Moak’s expertise on guitars, keys, and bass, and the remarkable drumming and percussion skills of Nathan Sexton, a noteworthy blend of country and southern rock was achieved.

Misha Fair, a talented singer-songwriter with classic country vocals and heartfelt lyrics, is gaining attention for her enchanting performances, “Beg” and “Memphis.” Raised in a musical family with a history of success on major labels like RCA and Atlantic Records, she grew up surrounded by music legends and studio experiences. Despite her unique upbringing, Fair found her own voice and developed a passion for jazz, hip-hop, and alternative sounds. Her diverse musical background and her training as a classical vocalist sets her apart in the country music scene. Fair has already collaborated with notable artists and is now venturing into her solo career, eagerly anticipated by those who have witnessed her talent. Growing up in Atlanta, she found her place among the intersecting influences of hip-hop, R&B, and various genres. While pursuing a college education, Fair’s linguistic studies allowed her to sing and write in multiple romance languages, showcasing her versatility. Her career took off after an internship at Wondaland Arts Society, where she worked closely with Janelle Monae on creative projects. Collaborating with respected artists, songwriters, and producers, Fair is now embarking on her solo journey as a prolific singer-songwriter. Her unique blend of folk, gospel, bluegrass, and rock and roll is a testament to her Southern roots and love for the diverse sounds that define American music.

With its pulsating rhythm and empowering lyrics, “Not One” captivates listeners, immersing them in an empowering musical journey. Listen to the new single here. To stay updated on Misha Fair’s latest news and releases, follow her on Instagram @MishaFair.