Mrs. Henry Release Invigorating New Single & Video “Peace, Love, Rock N Roll”

San Diego, CA – Electrifying rock and roll band, Mrs. Henry, has released their newest single and video, “Peace, Love, Rock N Roll,” from their upcoming three-part rock opera, Keep On Rising. With an exhilarating melody and inspiring vocals, the band brings their ambitious project to its peak with a worthy rock anthem. “Peace, Love, Rock N Roll” is available now to stream or download wherever you listen to music, alongside the video on their YouTube channel.

“Peace, Love, Rock N Roll” is a thrilling look into the band’s upcoming masterful three-part rock opera. In what can only be described as the climax of a moving musical journey, Mrs. Henry manages to light the intoxicating flame of rock n roll in the hearts of listeners once again. This release acts as an inspirational love letter from the band to rock fans around the world. “’Peace, Love, Rock N Roll’ is an evolution from a song to a modern-day rock anthem, reminding us that we are all one,” the band explains. “It is the encore and final song of our three-act Rock Opera; this is our hero’s send-off as they finally embrace individuality, a salvation through self, and an uplifting message of unity found in hope.” The talented group achieves this goal beautifully with a unifying track that iconically marries the musical talents of all four band members. A mesmerizing rock melody demands the attention of listeners while their lyrical prowess imbues the band’s message of unity and expression within the rock community. The single was produced by Daniel Cervantes, recorded and engineered by Jason Soda at Palomino Sound and Jordan Andreen at Big Fish Recording Studio, mixed by Steven Kaye at Sunking Studios, and mastered by Joe Bozzi at Bernie Grundman Mastering.

The music video acts as an ingenious supplement to the song and amplifies its tone and message. Directed by bassist Blake Dean, the accompanying music video shows rock music bringing fans together in a playful religious manner as they all worship at the altar of rock n roll. While listening to the song in their church pews, it’s quite easy to feel the tone through the power of the vocals and melody, but the video successfully captures the very essence of the song and its unifying message. When the band finally arrives, the fans ecstatically rejoice.

Blazing musicianship, exuberant harmonies, and propulsive grooves: San Diego, CA based Mrs. Henry is a hard-hitting rock and roll band, a quartet of singular spirits on a shared journey, paying homage to a historical legacy as they introduce a new chapter in American roots music. The band comprises guitarist Daniel Cervantes, bassist Blake Dean, drummer Chad Lee, and keyboardist Jody Bagley, all of whom also contribute with their vocal talents as lead singers. The group is known for its electrifying live performances and artistic creativity. After being primed for a global tour that was canceled due to the pandemic, Mrs. Henry refused to give up and instead created a multi-media web series called The Medicine Show. The show transformed the members into on-screen sock puppets and included live performances from the band as well as their Blind Owl label mates, a San Diego record label started by Cervantes.

“Peace, Love, Rock N Roll” is available to stream or download now on all platforms. Watch the video on YouTube. Stay tuned as the band gears up to release their epic 3-part rock opera, Keep On Rising, by visiting or follow their Instagram @MrsHenryRocks.