Mrs.Henry Releases Keep On Rising – Act I: The Sex Sells, Love Drugs, Rock N Roll Society

San Diego, CA – Mrs. Henry has released their newest album, Keep on Rising – Act I: The Sex Sells, Love Drugs, Rock N Roll Society. The first act in their three-part rock opera, Keep On Rising is now available on all streaming platforms.

The much anticipated first act explores the beginning of the journey of the rock opera’s hero and main character, Mrs. Henry, in a futuristic tale where the lines of what is taboo and standard are blurred. Each song acts as a chapter in Mrs. Henry’s book. Guitarist Daniel Cervantes paints the picture of the rock opera’s setting as “an ultra-sexualized reality where drugs are available on every corner and rock and roll is a normalized way of life. There is no taboo, all is equal, nothing is sacred and everything we’ve ever known is subject to change with the wind.” Mrs. Henry, consisting of Cervantes on guitar, Blake Dean on bass, Chad Lee on drums, and Jody Bagley on the keyboard, has a rare band dynamic where each member contributes to lead vocals and takes over at different moments in the album. Blake Dean is the vocalist on the record’s first single, “I Don’t Want To Let You Go.” Cervantes explains, “this song finds our hero self-identifying for the first time as Mrs. Henry, bringing our story up to speed in the present day future and multi-universe of analog meets digital manipulation known as The Sex Sells, Love Drugs, Rock N Roll Society.” From the mesmerizing collection of vocal harmonies in the album’s intro, “Keep On Rising,” to the catchy groove of “Bye, Bye, Baby,” to the serenading of rock instruments flowing together in unison in the final installment of the rock opera, “The Sex Sells, Love Drugs, Rock N Roll Society,” Keep On Rising – Act 1, is a gift to rock fans with something for everyone. Recorded in several studios during the COVID-19 pandemic, the record was produced by Daniel Cervantes, engineered by Jordan Andreen, Nyx Jasmine, Omar Veytia (all of Big Fish Recording Studio), Jason Soda (Palomino Sound), and Travis Pavur (Valentine Recording Studio), mixed by Stephen Kaye (Sunking Studios) and mastered by Joe Bozzi (Bernie Grundman).

The San Diego-based rock and rollers got together in 2012 to form the band, Mrs. Henry. Together, Daniel Cervantes, Blake Dean, Chad Lee, and Jody Bagley have pushed the envelope of experimental new age rock while keeping the sounds and inspirations of America’s most recognized classic rock bands. The four talented singers and musicians join forces to bring a unique sound to modern rock ‘n’ roll. As they thrive in live performances, Mrs. Henry did not let the global pandemic stop their musical growth. Instead, they released an album, an EP, and a handful of singles. The group also created a multi-media web series called The Medicine Show, which transformed the members into on-screen sock puppets and included live performances from the band as well as their Blind Owl label mates, a San Diego record label started by Cervantes.

Keep On Rising – Act I: The Sex Sells, Love Drugs, Rock N Roll Society is available to stream and download now on all platforms. In support of the album release, Mrs. Henry will be performing at the famed San Diego venue, Music Box on Oct 20th. For tickets and more information on future live events visit Stay tuned for Keep on Rising – Act 2 and Act 3 by following Mrs. Henry on Instagram @MrsHenryRocks.